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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Six: 1941

Annabelle could see from above that Grace had problems of her own. 

The werewolf called Robert growled at her.  “You waste your time, Princess.”  He kept his eyes on her as they circled each other.  Each one ready to attack the other, they simply glared.  Their hackles raised and a low rumble built up from their diaphragms.  “Join us.  Accept the full power of what you are.”

Grace Faolchú tightened her eyes.  “And disgrace my people?  The Clan Faolchú has stood in Dracula’s way for centuries.  I’m ashamed that any wolf would serve your dark master.  Dracula and Hitler are both foul tyrants whom will be destroyed.  You can bet on it.”

In her werewolf form, Grace appeared thin but healthy.  The attacking werewolves all dwarfed her due to her smaller size.  She was roughly the same height as Roland and possessed his defiant temper.  Despite being two different creatures of the night, Roland and Grace seemed perfect for each other.

Her opponent smiled a toothy grin.  “You would do well to join up.  We’ll find your precious clan.  And when we do, I’ll take your head to your brother Coinín as a trophy.  He’s the king of your tribe now, correct?”

She grinned as well.  It took a lot more than false bravado from one of Dominic’s trained mutts to get under her fur.  “You’re welcome to try.”

The werewolf lunged.  Grace dropped to the ground and darted between his legs.  She flipped, grabbed the extra fur on his back, pulled herself up and slashed at his eyes and throat.  He let out a dreadful gasp as she bounded off his shoulders and somersaulted in the air.  Grace outstretched her feet, landing on a table.  She picked up a silver knife with a napkin and crouched, ready for his attack.

Already healing, the monster charged.  He swung his massive arms upward and brought them down onto the wooden table.  She sprung up and back.  Grace landed, behind the shattered table, crouched low on the ground.  She winced at the heat coming through the napkin.  One slip and the silver could permanently burn her.

Robert threw aside the broken table and snapped at her with his massive jaws.  She darted to the right, clawing his side, and then jammed her knife through his chest.  He fell to his knees, now human with an expression of shock plastered across his face. 
Grace’s chest caved inward with her ragged breathing.  She smiled just before another werewolf smacked her into a wall.  She dropped to the ground, unconscious. 


For more check out Dark Threats at your local online store. Links to Dark Threats on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Threats on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Sorry it's late but I wanted to wish my followers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  I realise I haven't posted much lately. Things have been hectic. I'm planning on fixing that real soon.

For now though, have a great holiday!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Book Review: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

As always, Rick Riordan entertains us with exactly what we want in a Percy Jackson book, strong characters in lots of edge of your seat action. It’s great to see Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Frank, Hazel and Leo back. This is the first time all seven leads share in an adventure and I find the blending of characters and personalities to be perfect.

Most get their own chance to narrate but the one I was interested in was Annabeth. This is her book and we’ve never before had a chance to get in her head. Now we do and I find it to be just as good a place to be as Percy or any of the others. I feel for her troubles and cheer for her victories.

Of course there is a surprise cliffhanger. It serves its purpose because now I’m desperate for the next installment!  All in all I give this book a 10.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey gentle readers!

My sweetheart had a hysterectomy late Thursday. She's home and recovering. The kids and I have been helping her a great deal. In a couple weeks she should be feeling much better.

As for my writing, I'm a couple chapters away from finishing my edits on the Roland chapters of Dark Changes (Book Two). Then I'm going to write a prologue and edits a couple things in the Annabelle chapters. After that I'll be all finished and ready to ship it to my beta readers.

I should write some pre-posts for this blog. I'm due to do Who's Whos and Bite of Stories for the next few weeks but between helping my sweetie, editing and working, my time is pretty strapped.

I promise not to keep you without new posts for very long.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Here's another peek at my current work in progress, NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK CHANGES.

Remember, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Anyway, sit back and enjoy...


Night Children: Dark Changes
Chapter Sixteen: Slaves

As soon as the slave ship was close enough the vampires leaped aboard.  Roland wished he could shut his ears as his fellow crew members laughed wickedly.  Roland visibly flinched at the mortals’ screams.

Captain Worthing, Ruthless Rach, Blood-Eyed  Bill and Abigail Black were already on the other ship, killing randomly. Roland remained at the railing.  He couldn’t bring himself to join in on the slaughter.

“What’s the matter?  Afraid to leap over?”

It was Paul, the older, fatter pirate that couldn’t keep up with the others.  He stood next to Roland and watched the slaughter with a gleam in his eyes.  Roland watched him for a moment.

Paul continued, “I can’t make the jump.  I’ve never been a good vampire.  Bill would’ve killed me decades ago but the Captain lets me stay on.  He’s a great man.”

Roland nodded.  He didn’t see the sense in challenging the Captain’s authority.  Instead he remained silent as he turned back to the slaughter.  The Captain of the slave ship was fighting off two vampire pirates.  Abigail watched from the side, a smirk on her face.

“I’ve seen you move,” Paul continued.  “Why don’t you just fly over there and finish the mortals off?”

“I... can’t.  Those are people over there.  They’re screaming.  We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Paul placed a hand on Roland’s shoulder.  “Hey, it’s all right.  This is what we do.  The mortals do it too.  I’ve seen a lot of mortal pirates out on the open sea.  Most are just as vicious.”

“But it’s not right.”

“You do realize what that ship is for, right?”

“It’s a slave ship.”

“Can you smell the fear deep inside?  There are probably four hundred slaves below deck.  Those men our crew are slaughtering intend to sell those slaves.  If you think about it, we’re doing those poor mortals below deck a favor and freeing them from a life of shackles and whips.  We’re the heroes here, kid.”

Roland thought about it.  Paul had a point.  At least vampires only killed to eat.  Mortals captured and killed for much nastier purposes.

“You’re right.  Thanks.”  Roland exchanged smiles with the elderly vampire and flew to the other ship.

“Give ‘em Hell, kid.”

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Sasquatch


Picture by The Mountain

Physical characteristics:
These creatures are taller than eight feet, covered in matted black fur and have elongated hands and feet. Their faces are a cross between an ape and a human. They have a musky odor that triggers most creatures' gag reflexes.

What they are:
Sasquatches live in packs or tribes across North America. They prefer to remain hidden, live off the land and are quite peaceful. There are always exceptions, but most shun violence.

There are several which have been trapped and captured by the vampire Fenroth. Those have been permanently mesmerized and brought into the service of Dominic. He has his own army of sasquatches.

These creatures are commonly known as Bigfoot. They are related to the yeti of the Himalayas and northern Russia. There are rumors of a particular sasquatch that has worked with other creatures and two human kids but those rumors are so far unfounded.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Fifteen: How to Kill the Undead

The ground beneath them shook and a large creature broke out of the forest and ran straight for them.

Taller than eight feet, covered in matted black fur and impossibly more foul than Servo, the creature struck the barrier with incredible force.  He howled as the impact burnt his hide.

Once again, Annabelle felt the impulse to turn tail and run.  The creature seemed beyond comprehension.  It had elongated hands and feet, an ape-like face, and a dazed but malicious look in its black eyes.  She forced back her lunch of raccoon blood.

“What is that?”

“It’s a sasquatch.  That’s what the Indians call it, anyway.  The Master keeps a few in his employ for the heavy work.  It’ll smash you up really good.”  The men laughed. 

“We need to leave, Roland.”

“I want a closer look.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” a familiar, comforting voice demanded.

“Eliza!” Relief washed through Annabelle as their surrogate mother touched down behind them.  “The sasquatch are just one of many unknown species humans know nothing about.”

The creature smashed at the invisible barrier, setting off green sparks in every direction.  Servo and Beufus laughed as the creature moaned in pain.  Each time his fist connected with the energy field, Annabelle flinched.

Eliza remained calm, probably trusting the barrier to hold up. “Stronger than full size werewolves, they usually live in the north-west in peaceful tribes.  This one seems to be permanently mesmerized.”

Annabelle couldn’t help it.  With all her power, she couldn’t stop feeling like a frightened child.  She moved behind Eliza.  Even her brother, for all his curiosity, moved closer to them.

“Come.  They can’t enter.  Let’s return home.  I need to teach you more quickly than I have been.”

As she escorted the children away, the men called out terrible things.  Eliza gave no notice, but Annabelle saw tightness around her eyes.  Trouble was coming, she was sure of that.

For more check out Dark Birth at your local online store. Links to Dark Birth on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Birth on Amazon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Paul


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
Paul looks to be in his sixties and out of shape. He's over weight, short and stocky. He was turned into a vampire in this physical condition so he'll remain that way as long as his immortal life continues.

Paul is friendly and eager to help others. Sometimes to eager. He's always ready with advice to cheer a friend up.

Known History:
Reginald Worthing turned Paul on a lark. He found Paul drunk, passed out in a alley. He wanted to see what a waste of a man would become with the vampire curse. Paul gained the typical vampire abilities but remained out of shape. Reginald allowed Paul to become a Bloody-Buccaneer, the deadliest pirates on the open sea.

Paul made a unsuccessful vampire pirate. He couldn't jump from ship to ship and attack with the other pirates. He couldn't really catch any fleeing mortals. He'd occasionally accompany the crew but became more of a mascot. After vampire child Roland Foresight joined the crew, Paul instantly took a liking to the boy. Along with Ruthless Rach, Roland was one of the only crew members who treated him fairly.

After time passed Paul became very close to Roland, offering him advice and eventually joining in Roland's rebellion. Paul's favorite haunt is the only pub on Isla De Los Vampiros, Feeding Time.

Monday, November 26, 2012

And the winner of the 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop is...


Thanks to everyone who responded and began following! Sorry there couldn't be more than one winner. I wish I could give you all free copies. But don't fret, there will be more hops in the future!

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My Thanks - 2012

Thanksgiving? Again? Ah well, can't stop time from marching so all we can do is march with it.

This year I am thankful for Starry Night Books. I'm grateful they chose to carry my book and I'm thankful there is a place locally where people can buy it and enjoy it. I'm thankful that the book is available for people both locally and online. No, this is not a plug. As a writer I have worked for years to get it out to people and now I can.

Going to speaking engagements is always one of the best parts of being a writer. I've met so many people and seen their eager faces. Every time I'm asked where can I get these books and now I have an answer. That's something I'll always be grateful for.

Speaking for those public appearances, I'm grateful for those, too. I love to meet kids and share with them my excitement for writing and reading. I love seeing that excitement in them, too. I can't wait to do more!

I'm thankful for my family. They lift me up whenever I'm down and truly support me. We're going through some interesting and much needed important events and I'm thankful we're all together and closer for it.

I'm thankful for the web and my ability to speak to so many. I'm thankful to all those who helped my writing, including my critique group. I may not always sound like it, but your mark ups have helped immensely. I'm thankful for you guys, my silent watchers, who follow and read this blog. ;)

I'm thankful for quite a lot more. I won't go into religious things here but just know there are a great many things that only those close to me know.

And I'm thankful for turkey!

Not sure who did the pics. As always, let me know if you know.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Met another fan!

Saturday night on my way out of Wal-Mart two girls were watching me. As I passed them one said she read my books and thought they were great. She was really excited to meet me and it thrilled me! I thanked her and told her I'm working on the second one.

I'm so glad that Annabelle's story is touching others. I want so bad to get the story out there into the world. I want her to inspire others. It means everything to me that there are people out there reading these books and loving them. I could tell by her expression that she really liked Annabelle and Roland's adventures.

That's what it's all about.

Thank you, who ever you are!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review with spoliers way at the bottom

Non-spoiler thoughts:

Saw the last Twilight. OK, I'll admit it. That was a good one. Not surprised, seeing as that was my favorite half of the book and favorite whole part of the series. Great way to go out! And Nessie is nothing like Annabelle. Guess I was being silly, getting worried and all.

I own the books. I own the movies. I'm not a Twihard but I do have my favorite characters. I feel this movie did a wonderful job of portraying everything in the last book. This was the one I was looking forward to.

Years ago, back when I was fixing my first manuscript (what is now Dark Birth) and meeting other authors, I met Aprilynne Pike. She's the author of Wings. While helping guide me to prepare a better book, she mentioned her friend Stephenie Meyers and her Twilight books. I think the first two Twilight books were published and the third one was coming out. Aprilynne suggested I read them.

Now I'll be the first to admit different stroke for different folks. I'm not a "romance guy". I want more action and thrills. I could not identify with Bella or Edward either. I did however enjoy the Cullens, thew wolf pack and the Volturi. I read all four books but really didn't get super excited until Bella became a vampire. From that point on I enjoyed everything.

After four movies we're finally to the part of the series that I like. And after seeing it I feel they've treated it perfectly.

Bigger Spoilerific thoughts:

so beware

Serious. Want to be spoiled? Read on.

Bella's senses becoming heightened? Perfect! We zoom into sights, sounds and smells and can experience everything she can. In the book this gave me new insight on what Annabelle and Roland would feel. We see this on the big screen with great effect.

Bella getting mad at Jacob? Bella's arm wrestling with Emmett? Jacob's joke about the Romanian vampires? All of it and the other funny parts from the book were all delivered expertly.

We get to see Jacob showing Charlie what he is. We get to see the Cullen's recruiting the others. It's wonderful to see these scenes that we couldn't see in the book.

Ever since I read the book I was completely engrossed in the new vampires. My favs? Garret the Revolutionary vampire. He's wonderful in the film complete with his fledgling relationship with Kate is cute. Benjamin from the Egypt coven. The actor from Night at the Museum did a great job of capturing Benjamin's wide eyed curiosity. The Romanian vampires. Let's face facts. They're both Dracula and this is clear here. The actors play them perfectly and they even get some fun with the new fledgling werewolves. We got the Amazonian ones, the Irish ones and so on. All the new vampires and the various relationships were dead on.

When I met Renesmee in the book I was instantly conflicted. I love her character and she became my favorite but she scared me. I was still working on Annabelle's first book. My own vampire child was hunting deer in the woods and acting older than her physical appearance, behaving like any innocent yet immortal night child. I was worried after she got on the big screen, people would read my Ann and think "Oh, this is just Nessie." I shouldn't have worried.

Nessie starts out as computer animated because no baby could pull it off. We see her grow and fly to catch a snow flake but no speed or hunting or anything like that. Nothing remotely like Annabelle.

The more important thing, however, is that Mackenzie Foy plays her tenderly.

At the end of the film we see all the actors/characters from the entire series and many wonderful tributes to the fact that this came from a book series. Kinda wish the Potter films did that.

Now for the real spoiler. One more thing that will really spoil the film.  I read this spoiler so I was prepared. I waited for the change from the book to happen and then watched the scene and my freaked out daughters (who have read all the books) at the same time so I'm going to have to re watch this scene again. This is different than the book so if you want to feel the shock and awe, don't read below this next pic...

Alice realises she cant convince Aro. She's about to be killed. Carlisle tries to rescue her. He's beheaded. The heroes attack, everyone gets all funky with full on battle. Jane kills Jasper. Edward (I think) kills Alec. Jane kills Seth. Alice drags Jane to Sam who kills her. And so on and so on.  Beloved characters die left and right and the theatre was freaking out! My daughters were rocking back and forth mumbling about how wrong it all was.

And then we discover it was Alice's vision and when Aro bites it by the tag team effort of Bella and Edward, well let's just say he's OK not to press matters. So no one died after all! The audience cheers and laughed and the movie finished accurately complete with a vision showing grown up Nessie with Jacob and Bella and Edward. Happy ending.

So this was a great way to end it! Worth every penny.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop!

And the winner is A'lina!  Thanks to everyone for commenting and following! More hops to follow!

------- ----

Hello gentle beings and welcome to my part of I Am A Reader Not A Writer's 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaways Hop!

As you can see by her nice pic, it runs from November 15th to the 25th. It's a way to meet and greet other blogs and say "Happy Thanksgiving".

And what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving besides the wonderful smell of turkey, the sounds of the Macy's Parade and the image of Uncle Ralph stuffing his face with yams? Why vampire children!

OK, OK, I know. Vampires don't go with this holiday. But let's face it, I have a fun book to giveaway and while it may be my only giveaway book, it's still full of enough entertaining story that you'll wind up as full as a child of the night after a successful raccoon hunt (that's about 5 or 6 of the little critters. Raccoons, not vampire children).

Anyway, I digress. Here is your prize...

I can only give one copy away. I only ship to the US and Canada. Sorry!
Please follow this blog your favorite way, be that twitter, facebook, GFC, linky tools or email. Drop me a comment so I can keep track and on the 25th I'll announce the winner!

And don't forget to check my Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Two: 1692 Witch Attack
Annabelle turned briefly toward where Thomas and Polly hid. “Tom, Polly, run home.  I won’t have you hurt in this mess.” 
“But we want to help!” 
“No, leave now.  Think of Polly’s safety, Tom.”  She only had time to lock eyes with Tom briefly, but it was enough.  The frustration on his face spoke volumes.
As her friends escaped through the trees, Annabelle turned back to the witches.  She hovered for a brief moment, ignoring her inner terror.  Her voice took on a dangerous edge.  “All right, you wanted to face us.  Here we are.” 
She flitted around Gertrude, dodging each hex blast as it lit up the dark trees with purple and red hues.
Roland smiled then sped around Penelope.  Gertrude gestured once more and sent forth a blast of eldritch energy that barely missed Annabelle. 
“Insolent child.” Gertrude said with malice.  “You think you’ll live forever.” 
Annabelle felt the air light up, like sharp needles jabbing her skin.  Her vision blurred with tears.  The blast hit Annabelle directly in the back, spinning her into the hard dirt.  She lay there, waiting for her vision to adjust.  Everything seemed to spin and her stomach threatened to give up her breakfast.
“Annabelle!”  Roland shouted.  Penelope caught him with a lucky shot and he cried out in pain. 
“There.  Do you see, Penelope?  That’s how to deal with upstarts.” 

For more check out Dark Threats at your local online store. Links to Dark Threats on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Threats on Amazon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Here's another thought on the Disney/Star Wars purchase by .

My Top Ten Sci Fi Heroes

In honor of the world shattering news last week that George Lucas sold all of his entire Star Wars/ Lucasfilm empire to Disney, I thought I'd present my top ten favorite Sci Fi heroes.

First though, my take on the news. I'm actually OK with it. I was worried after Disney bought Marvel but they seem to only want to bankroll Marvel, allowing the company to do more and stick with their own agendas.

I feel it will be the same with Lucasfilm. Besides, I've been waiting forever for episodes 7,8 and 9. Sure, I realise my favorite characters, Luke, Han and Leia, might be old and pass the baton to a new generation, but it still gets me excited.

I never cared for Anikin and cared less about how things wound up the way they did before episode four. I just wanted to see more of my favorites. Sure, that may not be the case but I'll remain optimistic.

Anyway, here are my top ten Sci Fi heroes...

#1 The Doctor

The immortal Time Lord from Gallifrey from the iconic show Doctor Who is my current favorite Sci Fi hero. Eleven men have played the role thanks to the fact that this character can regenerate into a new man once he's been severely wounded. The story has gotten better and better and I never know what's going to happen. The Doctor is completely alien, a child, yet a very mature senior. He's top of my list.

#2 Luke Skywalker

Sure, Luke was a whiny brat in episode four, but I've always enjoyed how he grew into the role. I like how he cares for his friends, never backs down in a fight, improvises in any sticky situation and always sees the best in others. I'm all for optimistic roll models and Luke has that in spades. Plus I've always kinda related with him. Mark Hamill played Luke well but I do find it ironic that I prefer his Joker over anyone else. Honourable mentions: Captain Jack Harkness and Donna Noble.

#3 Han Solo

There's something about the devil-may-care rouge ands no one plays one better than Harrison Ford. He may side with the enemy but you know deep down he's a hero, even when he's reluctant about it. Some of the best stories involve a character who only thinks for him or herself but gets involved in the challenge and then does the right thing. While I pretended to be Luke as a child, some of my friends wanted to be Han. Honorable mentions: Princess Leia and Chewbacca.

#4 Jack Carter

Colin Ferguson played an average guy Sheriff Jack Carter working in a world of wacky scientists in Sci Fy's Eureka. He presented the average Joe type whom I could truly identify with. I'm sure going to miss the show. Honorable mentions: Henry Deacon and Douglas Fargo.

#5 Doctor Emmett Brown

Christopher Lloyd is a man of a thousand faces but Doc Brown has to be my favorite. Wild eyed, crazy and never organised, Brown is the perfect mad scientist. I'd love to see him again, even if it's a cameo for a much needed Back to the Future sequel/reboot. Honorable mention: Mork from Ork (no connection to the good Doctor, but another man of a thousand faces and fav character).

#6 Crying Man Rembrandt Brown

The Crying Man, played by Cleavant Derricks, was a down on his luck singer who happened to get caught up in Quinn Mallory's sliding device on the show Sliders. Once again he provided the average man's point of view for all those strange alternate universes they traveled to. The show went down hill once they lost Professor Arturo (another favorite of mine). Thanks to bad writing and terrible show running, the Crying Man never did get a real break. I can only wish for a reboot to come along but I severely doubt it. Honorable mentions: Professor Arturo.

#7 Mr. Hikaru Sulu

Mr. Sulu also gave me the average guy feel, but when it comes to Star Trek, there are so many average guys and gals. There was something about his constant relaxed delivery, serious intensity and sometimes humorous flare that just made the guy stand out for me. Besides, actor George Takei is hilarious to follow on Twitter and Facebook. Honorable mentions:  Montgomery "Scotty" Scott,
Leonard McCoy and Nyota Uhura.
#8 Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Of all the wonderful stories shown in Star Trek the Next Generation, I'd have to say most of my favorites involved the good captain played by Sir Patrick Stewart,. And what a range he showed! From an out-of-place older man among children, to a violated person that was made to kill his friends, from someone who deeply sorrowed over great loss to someone who knew how to take charge. Maybe this is why "The Inner Light" is my fav episode? Honorable mentions: Geordi La Forge and Reginald Barclay.
#9 Agent Pete Lattimer
Eddie McClintock plays one of my new favorite Sci Fi heroes, Agent Pete Lattimer. He's cocky, wise cracking and fun. I swear I need to find a compilation video of Pete's best phrases because every episode of Warehouse 13 he comes up with several zingers. Honorable mentions: Agents Claudia Donovan, Myka Bering and Artie Nielsen.
#10 Al Calavicci
Al is a sometimes cranky, very superstitious everyman who appears as a hologram to time traveling Doctor Sam Beckett. Played by Dean Stockwell, He provides the comedy relief as he can see everything going on in the past but cannot touch anything or interact. He's fun and irreverent. Quantum Leap is another show I'd love a sequel/reboot to. Honorable mention: Doctor Sam Beckett.
Whew! So many! And I guess you can tell I'm a sucker for the average Joe type. Anyway, there's my personal favorite Sci Fi heroes. I left out comics because I could fill it up with the likes of the Green Lantern Corps, Legion of Super Heroes, Iron Man, the Metal Men and so on.
What's your favorites? Please let me know!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Apotamkin


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
They stand two and a half feet tall and are covered with long, scraggly hair. They have two sharp, pointed fangs protruded up past their top lips.

What they are:
Small tribal vampires known to various Native American tribes including the Malisseet, Passamaquoddy and Mohegan people of the Northeast.  As a tribal species, they are quick to obey their "god" Hobomock whom others know as Domi, the Lord of the vampires.

They communicate with grunts that they repeat back and forth, signifying various actions. They like to carry off children in the middle of the night. They feed on humans so they are considered Dark Creatures. Legend has it that they have been stopped more than once by he Makiawisug, or Little People of the Woodlands. Some say the Makiawisug resemble pale children with red eyes and sharp fangs.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Feeling better

Well the surgery was a success. I'm feeling better. Groggy, but better. They put a lot of packing in my nose and that will be removed tomorrow (Tuesday). I'm on pain meds and antibiotics. At the moment I'm feeling reeeeally good.

I must confess that I haven't done any writing or editing this last weekend. I had the surgery Friday. Saturday, Sunday and today have been recovery days. Just sleeping and resting. Tomorrow it the packing removal day.  I should be in tip top shape Wednesday or Thursday.

I plan to do some writing this time off. I need to match my personal deadline.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Weee! I go into surgery tomorrow!

Tomorrow being Friday the 9th. I'm not looking forward to it. Well, that is to say I'm not looking forward to the recovery.

See, I have a deviated septum. It looks kinda like this...

Because one nostril is more closed off than the other, I get constant stuffy noses, snore most the night, lose sleep regularly and get bad sinus migraines.

The end result of the surgery will fix all that.  The real issue for me will be the pain in my nose afterward as I recover and the excruciating pain while they remove the super long things they will store up my nose after the procedure. Not looking forward to that.

Well, I guess I can put this whole experience in a book sometime.

Wish me luck.

Bite of Story Thursday

Here's another peek at my current work in progress, NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK CHANGES.

Remember, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Anyway, sit back and enjoy...


Night Children: Dark Changes
Chapter Twelve: Isla De Los Vampiros

It took the Bloodfeast three weeks to finally approach its isle home.  During that time, they would feed on the surviving Sea Wing crew members.  Roland didn’t want to be tossed overboard so he ignored the helpless human’s pleas.  He avoided their desperate eyes, even though their cries for help ripped his soul apart.

Roland watched the crew unload the stolen goods onto the dock.  They seemed to gaze at their Captain with a mix of fear and respect as he forcefully shouted commands.  

The sounds of excited people drew him to the shore.  The port looked normal.  He could sense vampires nearby but it was probably the crew.  He wondered what new adventures this place would bring.  An unnaturally strong hand gripped onto his shoulder and spun him around.  Blood-Eyed Bill glared, his dark red eyes skewered him like two hot pokers.

“It was a mistake to bring you,” his voice deep as a powerful drum, “You shouldn’t be a vampire.  You’re too small.  Too young.  One day he won’t be able to protect you.” 

Roland wanted to scratch the fool’s eyes.  Prove his merit.  Instead of causing a fight he might not win, he simply brushed off Bill’s hand with an equally strong push. 

“Touch me again and I’ll make you Black-Eyed Bill,” he snarled.  Bill snarled back.

“Ahem,” Reginald interrupted, “I trust we’re not spoiling our joyous homecoming with acts of stupidity?”

“No sir.”  Bill replied.  Roland just glared at Bill.

“Good.  Bill, finish supervising the unloading.”  Blood-Eyed  Bill moved away and Reginald opened his arms towards the harbor.  “Roland, my boy, welcome to Isla de los Vampiros.  It means Island of the Vampires.  No place on Earth like it.  An island populated, with some exceptions, of our kind.  This is our island.  We can rest, relax and feed at our leisure.” 

“If everyone’s a vampire, what do you feed on?”  Roland’s hopes rose.  Maybe he could actually stop drinking from mortals.  Then maybe the guilt would leave.

“You’ll not be going back to cats and rats.  Sorry to disappoint you,” the smirk on his face showed he clearly wasn’t, “The local tribe willingly provides us plenty of stock to feast upon.”  Roland’s stomach dropped.

“That’s your new home,” Reginald pointed towards the village.  Roland could see many people moving with great speed, darting to and fro.  Some cheered while pouring red liquid into their opened mouths.  Others leaped from the rooftops with screaming islanders trapped in their arms.  Chaos ruled the village, causing Roland to feel homesick for the peaceful woods of Massachusetts.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Mabel Standstry

No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
Mabel was a small woman who gave off an air of superiority. Her pointed nose always aimed upward and her face seemed permanently disgusted.

Mabel thinks she's better than everyone. She is pruneish and always believes children lack discipline.

Known History:
Mabel grew up in London, England with her parents and younger sister Glorianna. Mabel never liked Glorianna's husband Anthony Foresight and made sure he knew of her displeasure every time she saw him.

Mabel met John Standstry and the two were married. He moved them to the untamed American colonies in 1687. John helped build many of the houses in the new outpost called Jorgantown.  Four years later John passed away. The fact that Mabel was all alone in the New World was one of the reasons Glorianna agreed with her husband's plan to relocate to America.

Mabel agreed to let the Foresight family stay with her until their cabin was made.  Shortly after their arrival in the New World, Glorianna, her husband and their two children, Annabelle and Roland,were believed killed by wolves. Mabel covered up her grief like she always did, with strength and a still attitude. Mabel became friends with the local shop keeper, Arnold.  It is impossible to know if a relationship could have developed because Arnold mysteriously lost his mind and left the town. He was last seen clucking on the road, pretending to be a chicken.

As of this writing Mabel's fate is unclear. There have been rumors of foul play and her mysterious death, years after the death of her sister's family. Perhaps someday that tale will be told.

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Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Big Bad Wolves

White fear flooded through her insides.  She might be fast enough to escape but then Tom would be doomed.  She frantically glanced around for her lost weapon.  Wild dogs could smell fear and she wouldn’t give these beasts that satisfaction.

Ignoring her stark terror, Annabelle stood straight and defiant. “All right, then.  I know you can talk.  Tell me, where’s my friend and brother?” 

The large black werewolf smiled an evil toothy grin.  “Child, you’re in no position to make demands from us.” 

“I’ll be the judge of that, you smelly dog.”  She said it forcefully, bearing her small fangs and glaring at their amber eyes.  “Now tell me, where is my brother?” 

The two werewolves gave an ugly laugh as they circled her.  The red one growled and then said, “Let me repay her for her scratches, Isaac.  She’s just a pup.  I could kill her easy.” 

“No Cam,” Isaac barked back.  “The Master wants her in one piece.  Now, little girl, it’s time to give up.” 

“To mangy flea-ridden dogs like you?  No thank you.  I have better things to do, like finding my big brother.  Isn’t there a bone you can bury?” 

Isaac’s toothy snout somehow sneered. “We’ll play with your pet human’s bones after we chew on you a bit.  As for your brother and that other tasty human you play with, Fenroth has them.  He’ll take Roland to the Master, like we plan to do with you.  The human child will simply become food.” 

Isaac was seven feet tall.  Cam looked to be six feet.  Both easily dwarfed Annabelle.  She didn’t care.  The way their amber eyes flashed back to each other, she figured they found her amusing.  The anger built up inside her, threatening to explode.  If she lunged for one wolf’s throat, the other one could easily smash her down.

Cam stepped forward. “And after the Master is done with you we’ll get the scraps!”  He flexed his clawed fingers eagerly.

Annabelle flew up into the air as the two werewolves lunged forward to catch her.  “Sorry, no mutts allowed at the dinner table.” 

Isaac’s claws scrapped her shoe but lost his chance as Cam smashed into his midsection.  They landed in a heap.  A dangerous growl escaped Isaac.  He smacked Cam aside, the smaller werewolf’s tail tucked between his legs.  She giggled from the limb of a nearby tree. 

A group of large crows shifted uneasily in the branches.  Some eyed the werewolves with apprehension while one crow stared at her.  Its eyes filled with confidence, the bird seemed to nod towards her.

Annabelle turned to look down at her enemies.  On the outside, she acted calm and free of concern while gently swinging her legs back and forth.  She made it look like a normal evening at play, sitting on a tree limb.  On the inside, her guts churned as fear threatened to choke her.  She had no clue how to avoid the two monsters and still be able to help Eliza.

Annabelle spied her adoptive mother locked in hand to hand combat with the werewolf called Clancy before the other two jumped at her tree.  She sprang into the air in her human form and blew them a kiss. 

“My, oh, my.  What ever shall I do?  The big bad wolves are at my door.” 


For more check out Dark Birth at your local online store. Links to Dark Birth on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Birth on Amazon.

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Special Halloween Treat: Who are the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses?

Hello gentle readers and Happy Halloween! I thought I'd share some future information on the world of Annabelle. In honor of this fine holiday (my 2nd favorite!) here is a run down on who the Seven Tyrant Lords are...

the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses

Thousands of years ago the first vampire, Lilith, formed the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses. She wanted her seven sons to rule under her. Her eldest son Alar rebelled and decided to serve God and be good.  He constantly tried to stop Lilith and her other boys from conquering the world. Betrayed, Lilith reacted as she always did, by tormenting her youngest son Domi.

Domi rebelled, and told the mortals how to kill the Lords. Four of her sons were thought to be killed and the fate of Lilith has been lost in history. It is believed that she fled to Egypt. Domi then turned the tables on the mortals and killed them. He then started his own Underground Empire. He watched people and the passing eras gave him the ability to wait calmly and plan his next step. He created his three consorts or queens.

After awhile he thought “Mortals can be powerful. How much more powerful if they were on my side?” He began his new campaign by turning an entire village into his vampiric servants. He ruled them for a number of years. He really liked being in control. He set up his own Seven Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses whom would act as his generals. His plan was to use them to organise his future worldwide empire. Domi felt that he'd gain more power with beasts on his side so he created an army of werewolves and made the pack leader his seventh general.

Over time some of the Tyrant Lords betrayed him and were killed. Then came the great Exodus War. Most of Domi's army was killed. A third (including his most loyal General) was trapped in the Dark Place. Domi, too, was trapped for a time but managed to escape.

Over the last couple hundred years he has began to reestablish his Tyrant Lords. He has cherry picked madmen, phantoms, beasts and monsters whom have proven their loyalty. He promised them power and the award of ruling the world under him. They are to help him achieve his goals as his top generals. In the early part of the twenty-first century, the Tyrant Lords consist of...

Picture of Lon Chaney as Eric from the Phantom of the Opera by Universal Studios.

Erik: The mysterious Phantom of the Paris Opera House. He runs the main operations under Domi. He is the Head General, coordinates all creature movements, acts as liaison for the various intelligent creatures that work with Domi’s forces, like the amphibious Piranhani from the black lagoons of South America. Eric also serve as chief architect. It is unknown at this time why he serves, what happened to his true love Christine, or how he gained immortality. Eric revels in getting revenge on people for how they treat their misshapen kind.  He has a mean streak and often goes too far.
Picture of Boris Karloff as the Mummy from Universal Studios. This is as close a repisentation of Kamenwati as I have.

Kamenwati: Ancient Egyptian scientist/sorcerer. Head sorcerer in Dom’s army. Brought back to life by a curse and serves as head of all dark sorcerers and witches. Created his own mummy horde. Also in charge of the skeleton and zombie armies.

Picture of Claude Rains friom Universal Studios The Invisible Man.

Charles Griffin: Mortal scientist who went insane after creating and using his invisibility serum. Master of his Invisible Spy Army.  Chief inventor and scientist. Perfected a way to mask vampires and werewolves scent, turning them “invisible” or untraceable so they can get the drop on Annabelle and her coven.  Crazed scientist, in charge of torture and experiments. Performs experiments, creates new breeds like a vampire/werewolf mix and a sasquatch / vampire and werewolf / sasquatch mixes, etc. The source of his immortality is so far unknown.
Picture of Hyde as close as I imagine him by unkonwn artist (Snalfnido?). If anyone knows the artist's name, please let me know.
Edward Hyde: Dark half of mortal Henry Jekyll. Domi’s greatest enforcer. Acts as chief bounty hunter. Brings in whomever Domi wants. The source of his immortality is unknown.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Blood Reaper: Werewolf, Alpha wolf pack leader of all of Domi’s wolf packs. In charge of other werebeasts. Vicious and cruel.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Headless Horseman: The specter of a man killed in battle in 1776 in the American Colonies. Kamenwati brought him back as a wrath who loves to hurt others for Master Domi. Head knight in Dominic’s army.

Picture origin unkown. If anyone knows, please let me know.  

Usha: (the Dark Princess/ Dracula’s “daughter”) Child vampire. In charge of the dark vampire legion. Cruel, ruthless and conniving. This spot was saved for Sebastian Scarcliff until he betrayed Dominic during the Civil War. Usha has fought hard to earn it.