Thursday, November 08, 2012


Weee! I go into surgery tomorrow!

Tomorrow being Friday the 9th. I'm not looking forward to it. Well, that is to say I'm not looking forward to the recovery.

See, I have a deviated septum. It looks kinda like this...

Because one nostril is more closed off than the other, I get constant stuffy noses, snore most the night, lose sleep regularly and get bad sinus migraines.

The end result of the surgery will fix all that.  The real issue for me will be the pain in my nose afterward as I recover and the excruciating pain while they remove the super long things they will store up my nose after the procedure. Not looking forward to that.

Well, I guess I can put this whole experience in a book sometime.

Wish me luck.

Bite of Story Thursday

Here's another peek at my current work in progress, NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK CHANGES.

Remember, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Anyway, sit back and enjoy...


Night Children: Dark Changes
Chapter Twelve: Isla De Los Vampiros

It took the Bloodfeast three weeks to finally approach its isle home.  During that time, they would feed on the surviving Sea Wing crew members.  Roland didn’t want to be tossed overboard so he ignored the helpless human’s pleas.  He avoided their desperate eyes, even though their cries for help ripped his soul apart.

Roland watched the crew unload the stolen goods onto the dock.  They seemed to gaze at their Captain with a mix of fear and respect as he forcefully shouted commands.  

The sounds of excited people drew him to the shore.  The port looked normal.  He could sense vampires nearby but it was probably the crew.  He wondered what new adventures this place would bring.  An unnaturally strong hand gripped onto his shoulder and spun him around.  Blood-Eyed Bill glared, his dark red eyes skewered him like two hot pokers.

“It was a mistake to bring you,” his voice deep as a powerful drum, “You shouldn’t be a vampire.  You’re too small.  Too young.  One day he won’t be able to protect you.” 

Roland wanted to scratch the fool’s eyes.  Prove his merit.  Instead of causing a fight he might not win, he simply brushed off Bill’s hand with an equally strong push. 

“Touch me again and I’ll make you Black-Eyed Bill,” he snarled.  Bill snarled back.

“Ahem,” Reginald interrupted, “I trust we’re not spoiling our joyous homecoming with acts of stupidity?”

“No sir.”  Bill replied.  Roland just glared at Bill.

“Good.  Bill, finish supervising the unloading.”  Blood-Eyed  Bill moved away and Reginald opened his arms towards the harbor.  “Roland, my boy, welcome to Isla de los Vampiros.  It means Island of the Vampires.  No place on Earth like it.  An island populated, with some exceptions, of our kind.  This is our island.  We can rest, relax and feed at our leisure.” 

“If everyone’s a vampire, what do you feed on?”  Roland’s hopes rose.  Maybe he could actually stop drinking from mortals.  Then maybe the guilt would leave.

“You’ll not be going back to cats and rats.  Sorry to disappoint you,” the smirk on his face showed he clearly wasn’t, “The local tribe willingly provides us plenty of stock to feast upon.”  Roland’s stomach dropped.

“That’s your new home,” Reginald pointed towards the village.  Roland could see many people moving with great speed, darting to and fro.  Some cheered while pouring red liquid into their opened mouths.  Others leaped from the rooftops with screaming islanders trapped in their arms.  Chaos ruled the village, causing Roland to feel homesick for the peaceful woods of Massachusetts.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Mabel Standstry

No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
Mabel was a small woman who gave off an air of superiority. Her pointed nose always aimed upward and her face seemed permanently disgusted.

Mabel thinks she's better than everyone. She is pruneish and always believes children lack discipline.

Known History:
Mabel grew up in London, England with her parents and younger sister Glorianna. Mabel never liked Glorianna's husband Anthony Foresight and made sure he knew of her displeasure every time she saw him.

Mabel met John Standstry and the two were married. He moved them to the untamed American colonies in 1687. John helped build many of the houses in the new outpost called Jorgantown.  Four years later John passed away. The fact that Mabel was all alone in the New World was one of the reasons Glorianna agreed with her husband's plan to relocate to America.

Mabel agreed to let the Foresight family stay with her until their cabin was made.  Shortly after their arrival in the New World, Glorianna, her husband and their two children, Annabelle and Roland,were believed killed by wolves. Mabel covered up her grief like she always did, with strength and a still attitude. Mabel became friends with the local shop keeper, Arnold.  It is impossible to know if a relationship could have developed because Arnold mysteriously lost his mind and left the town. He was last seen clucking on the road, pretending to be a chicken.

As of this writing Mabel's fate is unclear. There have been rumors of foul play and her mysterious death, years after the death of her sister's family. Perhaps someday that tale will be told.