Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eath-23 was uncharted!

Watch out regular readers, I'm going to geek out for a moment...

Just watched Batman Brave and the Bold. He teems up with Red Hood from an unnamed Earth (who we know is the Joker of that world) to fight the Injustice Syndicate.

At the beginning of the episode Red Hood sends out a calling card to Earth-23. After the commercial, we're back in the regular Brave and the Bold universe where we finally see the Bat cave get to see several tributes to the Batman concepts. Bats finds Red Hood's marker.

So now it's official! The Brave and the Bold cartoon takes place on Earth-23. Being a grade- A nerd, I had to check the running list to see if Earth-23 had been charted under the current 52 Earths...

If you scroll down to "The 52" (that's the current Multiverse for DC Comics) you'll see that Earth-22 is home to the Kingdom Come world and Earth-26 is Captain Carrot's Earth. 23-25 is uncharted!

So this is the first ever cartoon to comic official crossover. I mean I realize they never went to the other worlds, but they get a number. I personally think that's cool.

Now I'm not sure what Earth this toon version of the Crime Syndicate are from, but it could be Earth-24. That still leaves room for others.

In the last scene of the preview you see Brave and the Bold Bats fighting another Batman. Sure, it's probably Owlman in disguise, but look closely at the colors. The blue is darker, there is more shadow and the gray is a tiny bit darker. It looks just like Batman from the Batman Animated series. They wouldn't dare. Would they? I would go crazy excited if they did.

I should say this episode was great. From the bad heroes vs good villains to the tributes to Adam West Bats and Micheal Keaton Bats. They even through in a tribute to Marvel Zombies (a concept I never liked). Earth 161 was the zombie world but the real Marvel Universe is Earth 616. Get it? OK, you had to be there.

It'll be great to see Joker next week as he'll be the first Bat villain we've had (except Kite Man).

... ok, geeking moment done.