Friday, November 02, 2007

Talked to a class of sixth graders today . . .

It was a blast!

Lets go back a bit. Over a year ago I finished my novel and began the edit process. I met a 6th grade teacher and asked him to beta check it. He did. He liked it and wanted to share it with his class. He read it to them and I spoke to the class about the book.

Fast forward to now. This is the next class of children (one of whom is my daughter) and he wanted me to come in and talk about the writing process, my novel and answer questions.

It always gets me charged up to see the excitement in children's eyes. I love it when they ask questions and get even more excited about the answers. I gave them another copy of the manuscript (the class already has one) so they could check it out and read it.

I love doing this! If I could get published, it would be so wonderfully amazing to talk with kids and share my stories. I just want to bring them excitement and enjoyment.

A very good experience.