Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Apotamkin


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
They stand two and a half feet tall and are covered with long, scraggly hair. They have two sharp, pointed fangs protruded up past their top lips.

What they are:
Small tribal vampires known to various Native American tribes including the Malisseet, Passamaquoddy and Mohegan people of the Northeast.  As a tribal species, they are quick to obey their "god" Hobomock whom others know as Domi, the Lord of the vampires.

They communicate with grunts that they repeat back and forth, signifying various actions. They like to carry off children in the middle of the night. They feed on humans so they are considered Dark Creatures. Legend has it that they have been stopped more than once by he Makiawisug, or Little People of the Woodlands. Some say the Makiawisug resemble pale children with red eyes and sharp fangs.

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