Thursday, October 08, 2009

Money blues


I've been away working my butt off. We've had a stressful project at work and it's caused me to work a lot of over time. Every night I come home exhausted and wake each morning still tired. There is a lot of mental stress involved, trying to make sure everything is correct.

You'd think the silver lining with all this over time is that I would be able to save for that editor. Wrong. Too much money going out to bills. I feel like I'm working for nothing.

I shouldn't complain. A co-worker is salary and all the extra time he spends at home and work on this project counts as free labor. At least I can pay for bills. Still, it would be nice to squirrel away something for that editor. Or maybe buy one of those figures I want.

I guess I'm just over tired.

There is a sliver of good news, however. After three weeks of hard time at work, I stole fifteen minutes to write some of book two. I haven't been able to start something new yet, but I'm just happy to write anything at all.