Saturday, December 16, 2006

Miss Snark's Crapometer

Well I did it. I emailed 215 words of my query letter to Miss Snark. See, she's having this "Crapometer" contest. If she likes your hook, she'll request pages. Even if she doesn't want pages, she'll still post the hook on her blog with a critique as to where I can improve it.
She could rip it to shreds, so I need to toughen up and prepare for the worst.

Had to try though.

Here's the link.

Wish me luck!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh Rose Tyler, you had to go and say it. Doctor Who spoilers

You had to say that the bad guys will never break you two apart. Didn't you? Well, I'm told in two episodes she's gone.
Sigh. End of an era.
But this show rocks and change only helps it so I'm looking forward to it.

"Fear Her" was a nice episode. A lot of great pathos. Excellent concept. I was worried about what the dad would look like. Glad he wasn't deformed or something.
The Doctor and Rose have reached a common spot in their lives. I can see why it's changing. Things always need to be mixed up.

Last week's episode was cute. "Love and Monsters" was a great look at an everyman in the background of the strange and unusual. I don't understand, however, why the Doctor just didn't take Elton's gal to the future and get some skin samples from her cheek, then get her cloned a new body. At any rate, Moaning Myrtle did a fabulous job and it was a blast seeing her there.

So two more episodes and the season is over. :(
Man it's hard, waiting for my Doctor fix!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scan day, nice emails and normal stuff

Nothing to report today. It was scan day so I was on my feet all day. I'm currently updating my files a bit.

Just normal stuff.
Time to spend time with the wife.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I actually wrote a Parodyverse story!


I've got some more ideas for the board so I'll write them as well. I need to get some more novel work done, then it's back to the PV.

Pretty Bird : AG’s CrazySugarFreakWedding! Story

Go ahead! Click and read! You know you want to.

RIP Peter Boyle

'Raymond' Star Peter Boyle Dead at 71

He will always be my Frankenstien's Monster.

Rest in peace to a very good actor and a great man.



Yesterday I was put on work probation for too many absences.
I have missed nine times in the last year.
Why? Because there was nine different situations (including last week's three days helping my wife who was in the hospital and then home after surgery.
They tell me that I cant miss for my family, for sickness or for anything for a period of twelve months.

Yesterday I was upset about this. I'm not now.
I feel that everything will be fine. I wont even be there during the whole twelve months.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm sick. Step back a bit. Got a cold. I'm still going to work though (no more time off).

Ooops. Sorry. You should wash that.

Hail Hydra!

No, this post is not about the Marvel spy organization. I was never a fan of them.
Their slogan, however, applies a little bit to me today.

"HAIL HYDRA! Cut off one head and two more shall take its place!"
Blah blah blah. Captain America beats them up every time. Wimps.

Anyway, I received a rejection Saturday. This one left me flat footed. I should have known not to expect much, even if the agent sounded excited and wanted the whole thing quickly.

Today, despite my recent rejections, I sent out two more electronic ones, one snail mail one and set up eight more snail mail ones for Friday (pay day). Cut off two heads and eleven take their place.

I'll find that agent. She/he is somewhere out there.
Now please don't start singing "Somewhere Out There". OK?

Dang. It's stuck in my head.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chad Vader

Ever heard of Chad Vader? They are made from Blame Society Films and they are hilariuos! You can find them at Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Still waiting on part 5.

These guys are great.