Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Sasquatch


Picture by The Mountain

Physical characteristics:
These creatures are taller than eight feet, covered in matted black fur and have elongated hands and feet. Their faces are a cross between an ape and a human. They have a musky odor that triggers most creatures' gag reflexes.

What they are:
Sasquatches live in packs or tribes across North America. They prefer to remain hidden, live off the land and are quite peaceful. There are always exceptions, but most shun violence.

There are several which have been trapped and captured by the vampire Fenroth. Those have been permanently mesmerized and brought into the service of Dominic. He has his own army of sasquatches.

These creatures are commonly known as Bigfoot. They are related to the yeti of the Himalayas and northern Russia. There are rumors of a particular sasquatch that has worked with other creatures and two human kids but those rumors are so far unfounded.


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