Friday, July 06, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Unlike other "Bite of Story Thursdays", this one I'm giving a peice of something down the road. Keep in mind, any preview bits like this is due for changes upon future reviews.

This week, we're previewing Multi-Mart!

Chapter Three: Way More Than a Zillion Sold

Kyle took a good look at the customers in line.  In all of television, movies and comics, he’d never seen such an odd collection of beings in one place at one time.

In line stood a tall elf with a bow and a quiver full of arrows.  He glanced back, giving the customer behind him a rude stare.  Kyle almost jumped when he saw the huge werewolf but then spotted the two little werewolves jumping up and down, trying to grab the package of bones the monster held.

Behind them two Roman centurions waited impatiently.  A Velociraptor in custom high heels and a matching dress and purse stood behind the centurions.  It ignored the humans and continued to apply bright red lipstick to its horrific mouth.

Kyle shook his head.  The whole place was nuts.  He decided to look deeper into the store.  Maybe he could find someone friendly enough to help him.