Thursday, February 01, 2007

1st ever Speaking Engagement

Next Friday I speak in front of Jeff's 5th grade class. He's been reading them my novel ever since October of last year. They've been enjoying it and that's very encouraging to me.

So Jeff and I set up next Friday as the day for me to come in and speak to the class.

I'm scared and excited all at the same time!

Harry Potter Book 7 comes out July 21st!

It was announced!

Read here.

And here.

I week after Movie 5!

What a month that will be. :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doctor Who Curse of Fatal Death Pt 1 & 2

Check these out! Both Willard and Ian told me these existed. Here they are thanks to Youtube!

Parodyverse Moments #1, There Came A Composite, Part 1

The Parodyverse... really hoping lately. Several people are posting stories, some of our old friends (Lisa!!!!! and Messenger!) have returned with new stories and we have a couple newbies writing too.

So, since my novel writing duties have shrunk a bit, I've written a story for the board.

Come see!


I just finished reading the manuscript to my girls. They loved it. I found more sentences that read wrong and fixed them.

I kept my goal! Now it's all finished and ready for a couple of people to read through it. Once they're done, and I make any corrections from that, then it will be submission time!

Today I improved my query letter as well. Now I need to make a special letter for Rachael Vater, and another for those agents who requested pages. The edits were extensive enough that any of these agents might be interested again (at least I hope so).

So the mood is happy tonight. :)

Monday, January 29, 2007

What's happening?

Almost finished... again.

One more chapter to silently read through. I'll be done with that this afternoon. Three more chapters to read to the kids. That should be it, then.

Now, I do realise it will need more work. I can guarantee there must be some telling still and a couple punctuation problems too.

Then there is the evil demon in my head. A previous beta reader who told me it wont sell because it should either be all little children bat stuff or all teen romance. That voice keeps echoing in my head: "You can't have it both ways. I thought I was the exception, too but I was wrong."
I don't know. I made a very big change and lots of little ones. I show Ann and Roland as they are at the end, then the book shows them growing into that. Becoming that.

I'm full of self doubt. Beta voices echo but no agents have actually SEEN the new version. I'm afraid to show them.

Doctor Who season 2 outakes!