Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cut 20,000 words? "Kill" big bad at end?

The title of this post says my next big challenges in editing my novel. I found out it's Middle Grade and MG books run about 75,000 words. Mine is 92,000.
It's 92 because I cut the Kidnappers scene and the Festival scene. Both have been in since the rough draft but both can be safety removed.

I thought last night that besides the add on scene with Tom from book 2, there was nothing else I could cut. This morn while walking the dogs I thought of 2 others. If done right, I could cut both tavern scenes. This means editing the witch and final battle scenes so Dale never appears and that means a new beginning on book 2, but it would be worth it. After all, I need to get THIS book off the ground.

First I need to completely rewrite most of chap 31 (the final battle) and fake Dominic's death. The tools are already in place to set that up, just need to rework it. I'll do that, then if I need to cut the tavern scenes, all the better.

This is hard!

More details to follow.

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