Saturday, June 28, 2008

I should say I'm finished

Last week I finished the short story for Bob's vampire anthology. It's raw but complete.

Now the hard part begins. I sent it to several betas from the last two years. I got my first line by line edit back.

It was from Chris Leeson, the Manga Shoggoth. Chris was one of the first beta readers to teach me to really think in my story. He showed me things I should've seen right there in front of my face. He's from England and I still can't get over the fact that I've got friends from over there. It's so great! The things he and Ian see day in and day out. Things that are normal for them and amazingly cool for me.

He has a good understanding of what should go into a book. I need to remember to ask him if he's tried to get into publishing or has gotten into it. His line by lines are just as professional and in depth as Michelle or Kim and they're published authors who also serve as editors.

Chris also adds great humor to his edits. I always look forward to them. The only problem is how red-faced I get afterward. Not mad, but embarrassed. How could I have sent it to others in that condition? Just how elementary do I write? I actually thought it was ready? Why didn't I see those things? After four years, how much of a newbie am I still? How far is my dream? Have I learned anything in the last four years or am I just a pretender?

It's not his fault. I cherish his edits. I need to bring my self out of the worry and fear quickly 'cause there just isn't time.

OK, plan time. I'm getting Caption the Pic up this morn, then I need to open his edits and start applying most of them. As the author, I have the right to reject and there are just a couple tiny things I plan to not change. I've got to hurry and try to get all of Chris' edits finished because I need to send it to my critique group before next Thursday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008