Monday, November 10, 2008

Talking to the class III

Things have been crazy here so sometimes I forget to put down important events. The following is one of them. I'm typing in very basic sentences to just get this event written down.

A couple weeks ago (on Halloween morn, no less) I spoke to a class of 8th graders. It was very different from the two times I spoke to 6th graders. Some in the audience seems really interested while a few were bored. I suppose that's the nature of the age.

I showed up early so students thought I was a substitute. LOL. Nope. Not me. This was Laura's class and she hates being embarrassed so I didn't do anything to point her out. It seemed to go OK for her. I was a teen a thousand years ago so I remember the silly fears.

Katie and her friend Anna showed up before class. I had my own grown up fears, sitting at the front of the class, scared they'll think I'm a boring nerd. Katie's visit really helped. Of course Anna wanted to talk about Heroes so my guard came down and I could relax a bit. Once the bell rang they left and it was time for Mr. Bryant to do roll and introduce me.

I explained what the book was about and gave a lead in to the chapter bit I was to read from. I read it and then asked if they had questions. No questions! (Very different from the 6th graders. Almost the entire class raised their hands.)

I then explained why and how I decided to become a writer. They seemed very interested. I hope it went well.

I was pleasantly surprised that he had one of those things where his computer screen appears on a view screen. If I had known, I'd have brought some pics of Annabelle and her brother.

I'm very grateful to Mr. Garret Bryant for this opportunity.