Thursday, November 01, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Big Bad Wolves

White fear flooded through her insides.  She might be fast enough to escape but then Tom would be doomed.  She frantically glanced around for her lost weapon.  Wild dogs could smell fear and she wouldn’t give these beasts that satisfaction.

Ignoring her stark terror, Annabelle stood straight and defiant. “All right, then.  I know you can talk.  Tell me, where’s my friend and brother?” 

The large black werewolf smiled an evil toothy grin.  “Child, you’re in no position to make demands from us.” 

“I’ll be the judge of that, you smelly dog.”  She said it forcefully, bearing her small fangs and glaring at their amber eyes.  “Now tell me, where is my brother?” 

The two werewolves gave an ugly laugh as they circled her.  The red one growled and then said, “Let me repay her for her scratches, Isaac.  She’s just a pup.  I could kill her easy.” 

“No Cam,” Isaac barked back.  “The Master wants her in one piece.  Now, little girl, it’s time to give up.” 

“To mangy flea-ridden dogs like you?  No thank you.  I have better things to do, like finding my big brother.  Isn’t there a bone you can bury?” 

Isaac’s toothy snout somehow sneered. “We’ll play with your pet human’s bones after we chew on you a bit.  As for your brother and that other tasty human you play with, Fenroth has them.  He’ll take Roland to the Master, like we plan to do with you.  The human child will simply become food.” 

Isaac was seven feet tall.  Cam looked to be six feet.  Both easily dwarfed Annabelle.  She didn’t care.  The way their amber eyes flashed back to each other, she figured they found her amusing.  The anger built up inside her, threatening to explode.  If she lunged for one wolf’s throat, the other one could easily smash her down.

Cam stepped forward. “And after the Master is done with you we’ll get the scraps!”  He flexed his clawed fingers eagerly.

Annabelle flew up into the air as the two werewolves lunged forward to catch her.  “Sorry, no mutts allowed at the dinner table.” 

Isaac’s claws scrapped her shoe but lost his chance as Cam smashed into his midsection.  They landed in a heap.  A dangerous growl escaped Isaac.  He smacked Cam aside, the smaller werewolf’s tail tucked between his legs.  She giggled from the limb of a nearby tree. 

A group of large crows shifted uneasily in the branches.  Some eyed the werewolves with apprehension while one crow stared at her.  Its eyes filled with confidence, the bird seemed to nod towards her.

Annabelle turned to look down at her enemies.  On the outside, she acted calm and free of concern while gently swinging her legs back and forth.  She made it look like a normal evening at play, sitting on a tree limb.  On the inside, her guts churned as fear threatened to choke her.  She had no clue how to avoid the two monsters and still be able to help Eliza.

Annabelle spied her adoptive mother locked in hand to hand combat with the werewolf called Clancy before the other two jumped at her tree.  She sprang into the air in her human form and blew them a kiss. 

“My, oh, my.  What ever shall I do?  The big bad wolves are at my door.” 


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