Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Mabel Standstry

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Physical characteristics:
Mabel was a small woman who gave off an air of superiority. Her pointed nose always aimed upward and her face seemed permanently disgusted.

Mabel thinks she's better than everyone. She is pruneish and always believes children lack discipline.

Known History:
Mabel grew up in London, England with her parents and younger sister Glorianna. Mabel never liked Glorianna's husband Anthony Foresight and made sure he knew of her displeasure every time she saw him.

Mabel met John Standstry and the two were married. He moved them to the untamed American colonies in 1687. John helped build many of the houses in the new outpost called Jorgantown.  Four years later John passed away. The fact that Mabel was all alone in the New World was one of the reasons Glorianna agreed with her husband's plan to relocate to America.

Mabel agreed to let the Foresight family stay with her until their cabin was made.  Shortly after their arrival in the New World, Glorianna, her husband and their two children, Annabelle and Roland,were believed killed by wolves. Mabel covered up her grief like she always did, with strength and a still attitude. Mabel became friends with the local shop keeper, Arnold.  It is impossible to know if a relationship could have developed because Arnold mysteriously lost his mind and left the town. He was last seen clucking on the road, pretending to be a chicken.

As of this writing Mabel's fate is unclear. There have been rumors of foul play and her mysterious death, years after the death of her sister's family. Perhaps someday that tale will be told.

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