Thursday, March 22, 2007

Long Time No Post

Sorry guys!

I've been very busy working. I have evenings and lunches to do stuff, but I've been pretty tired.

I submitted ten quires last Friday. We'll see when the rejections come forth.

My Disney Channel rant

Hey, long time no post! Sorry!

I liked how this came out on the RTM so I posted it here to, so I could keep it.
Danni, Willard, if you feel like replying, go for it!


It would be nice if there was a Vault Disney channel that showed all the stuff from decades ago. Disney has such a strong, rich history but all they cram down people's throats are stupid teen sitcoms and lame cartoons. "Give the kid a couple years, then a TV movie, then throw them out and get a new kid."

Where is Escape from Witch Mountain? Where is The Cat From Outer Space? They have enough programming to fill several channels, but we get rehashed teen movies and reheated stale sitcoms.

ENOUGH with Raven, Zack & Cody and Cory! Give us Apple Dumpling Gang, Herbie and Swiss Family Robinson!

Disney, you want to flush your channel down the toilet? Fine! But create a Vault Disney channel so us parents can teach our children what wholesome programming is!