Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Trials
Chapter Five

She caught a glimpse of Eliza. The men held her tight, pulling her to the center of town. Why didn’t she try to defend herself? Annabelle punched and scratched her way to Eliza. The angry shouts and constant attacks from her attackers made it impossible to concentrate. If she could think for long enough to change her form or mesmerize the mob, Annabelle might be able to rescue Eliza and escape.

Where are Roland and Thomas? she thought in panic.

Henry continued to shout over the mob, “Reginald Worthing told me they were killing Johnny. He said they lied to me and they’ve always served the devil.”

The crowd of hostile villagers tripled in size. Men were joined by their wives, fathers by their sons. Annabelle wondered if the entire town had gone insane. Other voices joined Henry: “We have to stop them before they kill everyone in town.” “Don’t let them murder our children.” “Let’s hang them at the town square.”

Henry shouted over the mob, “Hanging won’t work. We’ve got to burn them!”

Her body tired and her mind in panic, Annabelle couldn’t stop the mob from dragging her after Eliza. Bloodthirsty cheers roared in her ears while her voice was raw with all her screaming.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Grace Faolchú


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Other names:  Graine, Grainné, Princess, Wolf Princess, Hot-headed mutt

Name Origin:
Graine : Irish name meaning "love."  Graine was translated into English Grace.
Grace: English name derived from the vocabulary word, meaning "grace."
Faolchú: Wolf.

Grace's father, Alastar, changed his last name after exile. He was exiled from his clan after being bitten by a werewolf in the first part of the 1600s. He roamed early Britain, found other exiled werewolves and formed his own clan.

Physical characteristics:

She's thin and short. She has long red hair that flows down to her butt. For awhile she cut it to a cropped short look. Thin facial features. When she transforms, she gains a thick red coat of fur. Her bright green eyes turn yellow.

Aggressive, strongly opinionated, strong minded, like her father. She can also love fiercely. Everything she does, she does with passion.

Grace has the standard werewolf abilities. She can transform into a half-wolf half-human form or all wolf form. In both forms she's stronger, faster and has better agility and enhanced senses. She can access her enhanced abilities and sharp nails and teeth even in human form. As an Alpha Wolf, she's immortal. She seems to age slowly, perhaps a year per one-hundred human years.

Known History:

Like her little brother Coinín, Grace was born a werewolf to two werewolf parents, Alastar and Maureen Faolchú. She is a werewolf princess and a member of royalty among the clans. She is a Alpha Wolf, like her father and brother. This means she'll live forever and has the makings of a future pack leader like her father.

As of this writing, much of Grace's history has not been chronicled. She met Roland and Annabelle in the mid 1700s when the Clan Faolchú paid their yearly visit to the Mullo gypsy tribe. She has helped Roland multiple times and in 1941 was referenced as his "girlfriend" by Annabelle. It remains to be seen if Annabelle was speaking out of turn or if Grace and Roland ready did/do have that kind of relationship. It should be noted that it is taboo to romantically link a vampire with a werewolf.