Saturday, December 09, 2006

Expensive Rejection

About a month ago an agent requested the entire novel before the coming weekend. She was very excited.
We spent $100 to get the whole thing (450 pages) over nighted across the country so she could have what others called a "weekend read".

A month later I just got the form letter rejection.
Why did she want it so quickly, costing me money I did not have, to just reject it like everyone else?

This isn't the first rejection and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm feeling depressed today.
So many people get to create and share their creations with the world. Why am I blocked from doing the same?
I'm feeling a lot of self doubt today.

Just the other day I got a rejection where a different agent took her time and wrote me a note of encouragement. It still means a lot. I just feel very deflated from this other one.
Am I going to be a sub-par drafter with false aspirations of grandeur all my life?
What if everyone rejects it? What if I'm no good?

Weird Al - Behind the Scenes of "White and Nerdy"

I really like Weird Al's White And Nerdy video.

Here is a behind the Scenes look from You Tube...

My favorite parts of the original video would be Donny Osmand and Seth Green. Donny is in this making video.

Here is the actual video, in case you haven't seen it or want to see it again.

As you can see, I discovered how to link Youtube videos!

Plastic Patronus

Harry Potter figures at

Hmm. Tempting.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Peanuts, Marvel Style!

Here is a great site where the artist mixes Marvel characters with Peanuts.

They're so cute!

Peanuts Meets Marvel @ StatueForum

Check it out!

Art by jdh.goodgrief


It's nice to be home, taking care of my honey. I'm glad to be in control of the situation instead of at work.
She's sleeping and that's how it should be.

I've got a lot to do on the computer. There are lots of new PV stories to read, I need to update CTP and I'd like to write some of my WIP today.

Now lets see what I can get to.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Good Day Part 1: Sweetie's Return

My sweetheart is home!

She has a cyst on one of her ovaries. It ruptured and that's why the pain.
I was able to get today and tomorrow off. I wont be on probation. Company policy says I'll get written up, but no probation.
So I was able to be with her all day and help her.
WHEW! What a good feeling, being there for her!
She came home today and now she's sleeping in her own bed.

Thank you Lord!

I'm SO relieved.

See? I told you this blog would get a better outlook this week.

Good Day Part 2: Agent's positive rejection

I received a return in the mail today. I sent several partials to many agents and some are just getting back to me.

See, agents are swamped with emails and snail mailed partials. They have full manuscripts to read, authors to help get published and all sorts of other things.

If you're trying to get published or you're just writing your book now, you're familiar with literary agents and you've probably seen their blogs.

One such agent is very famous for her blog. She's a big name and everyone who's trying to get published or are published know her.

She was the one who sent back my partial with the standard form letter. No biggie. She's not the right one for Annabelle, apparently.

But here's the thing. She's very busy, but she found the time to hand write on my query that she really liked the whole idea. She has good reasons why she cant represent it right now, but she told me to please keep submitting to agents.

She likes it! A big name in agents, whom all of you out there whom are agent blogging know, likes it! She took the time to give a personal, positive message!

It's coming. I'm telling you right now, it's coming. My friends and all you mysterious lurkers, you need to understand, Annabelle WILL be published. You're going to know her.
I've know since day one that she is supposed to be out there, in book stores, schools, libraries. Annabelle and her brother Roland grab everyone who reads. Not all readers may like vampires, but everyone can't stop reading. They get sucked into Ann's world, follow her for 450 pages and then want more. As the author, the ideas flow at an incredible rate.
Ann will overcome all opposition and she WILL be out there. She has a goal. When Harry retires, she will step in. Watch it. Expect it.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Half my heart, half my soul

Do you know what it’s like?
I drift through life, unknowing. You’re there beside me like always. A comforting companion in life’s journey. I continue on, assuming the longevity.

Then I’m here. Trapped. I stare through these bars, reaching for your hand. Where is my companion? Where is she who has always been there?

But my hands grasp at that cursed empty air. My heart pulls away, bit by bit. It’s reaching across the miles for you. Where is my heart? Where is my mind? Where is my soul?

Half of everything I dream. Half of everything I think. Half of everything I laugh about. Half of everything I long for. Half of my heart. Half of my soul.

That’s what you are. After fifteen years of marriage, two years of dating, total seventeen years of life, I am defined by you. I can’t exist in this dark world without you. I can’t perform the simplest functions if half of my everything is missing.

I’m incomplete. I sit here at this temporary, foolish, small little existence. I sit here at work, but my soul reaches outward. I sit as if I’m behind iron bars. I DO NOT BELONG HERE! My soul is elsewhere. My soul is beside you. Guarding you. Protecting you. Why am I here? If my essence is with you in that hospital room, what is left here in this ‘cell’?

I know this stupid remaining hour of ‘prison’ will soon be lifted. Then I shall fly to your side. If I could pull this sickness out, wrestle with it and throw it far from you, I would. If I could open my chest and command the infection to jump into my body and free you, I WOULD!

You suffer too much. You deserve better. You don’t belong in that hospital. You belong with me. I might be selfish to think so because without you I am scraps of a man, but then again I cant have you suffering. It’s my job to block those monsters.

I love you. Three words but truthfulness is in each one. A defining statement that tries to best explain my heart. How else can I exclaim that you are my reason?

I love you, my half of heart. I love you my support. I love you my companion in all things. I love you my soul.

I love you.

Wife in hospital

My wife woke up in even more pain. She threw up and needed to go to the hospital. Since I've missed 7 days in the last 7 months, if I miss I'd be on probation.
So I drove down, woke her parents and begged them to help. They did. Her dad took her to the hospital while her mom will watch the kids.

The kids might miss school, again because my wife will be stressed that one one will be there to pick them up.

So now I go off to a stupid job where I DON'T want to be, working on things I DON'T want to work on, while she suffers what looks like an appendicitis.

I belong with her! It's not fair! What will I do tomorrow, when she's home and needs me?

My work wont tolerate it. Some of my bills are over due.

She needs me and I can't be there for her. DAMMIT!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Got in another argument with my eldest. I asked her if she had picked up her dirty clothes and she told me she had. When I entered the bathroom hours later, there they were on the floor. She didn't do it AND she lied about it. After I confronted her about it she screamed and fussed about my yelling and not listening. In other words, she tried to change the problem to me instead of owning up to her responsibilities and shortcomings.


All this and I'm dreading work tomorrow too. Today's absence marks number 7. The next one means probation. I'm so tired of the lecture. Why cant these employers understand that some people have families who need extra help?

Sooo, sorry guys. My mood isn't the best tonight. Maybe tomorrow it will improve.

At least I hope it will.

Home today

Well, here I am. I just drove the kids to school and now I find myself trolling message boards. I need to open up my WIP and do some writing.

I'm home because my sweetie has been sick for awhile now. She threw up and her stomach has been hurting her. I scheduled an appointment to take her to the doctor later this morn.

For the moment I've got some times on my hands.

Hmm. Write or browse the net?

UPDATE: The doc said stomach flu.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The class like it!

My teacher freind, Jeff, is reading my novel to his 6th grade class. I was scheduled to talk to the class this Friday, but he's still got a ways to read (it is 450 pgs after all). We've set my appearance back to January. That's cool with me becuase I want them to read a lot of it before I show up.

Anyway, I called him yesterday to check in and find out what the kids feelings and reactions were to the story.

They love it! The boys cheered "cool" during the part where the parents died (lol) and when vampire children found out they could turn to wolves.
The kids are asking for it and want to get to the next parts.

I was at the store on the cell when he told me the kids reactions. I did a dance right there!

"She's" doing it! She's getting more people to like her.

Oh agent! Where ARE you?


I'm beat. I get this way every Monday. It's hard to focus on work and my body calls out that it wants to go back to bed.


Well, just a bit longer and work will be done for the day.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Full Moon

Oh glorious orb of light. Oh great glowing champion of the night.
I walk my dogs in the crisp night air, looking upward at that beauty. It draws my attention like the porch light draws the moth.
I can't get enough. As my glasses fog and the chill rubs my cheeks, I find my eyes focusing on the glorious orb.
I see the marks of it, across it's surface like some strange map. I roam is shape, bask in it glow and stand transfixed by it's wondrous power.
Oh great moon, bringer of light in the darkness, I feel your pull.
I could watch you all night.
I could sit under your light and create a story that would otherwise remain trapped in my mind, unborn.
Roam moon. Roam the sky above and inspire!

More clips on Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

ABC Family turned up some more great clips of the next Harry Potter movie.

Follow the links to and you should find each one if you scroll down just a fraction.
Take a look! If the sound cuts out, refresh your screen.

Mugglenet's page where each preview is listed. They are under the text "Most revealing look at OOTP so far!"

Or you can click links to the separate videos below.

Behind the Story
David Yates
Dumbledore's Army
The Order
The Kiss
Sirius Black

I'm still very excited about this film. I'm halfway through reading the book and there are more things and characters that seem to be missing. That disturbs me.
Well, we'll have to see.

UPDATE: I just updated the links. They should work. Click them and you'll go to each page on Mugglenet where you can find the videos. I would post them here, but I do not know the code for that.

Looking at these again, I'm excited... again. :)