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Special Halloween Treat: Who are the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses?

Hello gentle readers and Happy Halloween! I thought I'd share some future information on the world of Annabelle. In honor of this fine holiday (my 2nd favorite!) here is a run down on who the Seven Tyrant Lords are...

the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses

Thousands of years ago the first vampire, Lilith, formed the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses. She wanted her seven sons to rule under her. Her eldest son Alar rebelled and decided to serve God and be good.  He constantly tried to stop Lilith and her other boys from conquering the world. Betrayed, Lilith reacted as she always did, by tormenting her youngest son Domi.

Domi rebelled, and told the mortals how to kill the Lords. Four of her sons were thought to be killed and the fate of Lilith has been lost in history. It is believed that she fled to Egypt. Domi then turned the tables on the mortals and killed them. He then started his own Underground Empire. He watched people and the passing eras gave him the ability to wait calmly and plan his next step. He created his three consorts or queens.

After awhile he thought “Mortals can be powerful. How much more powerful if they were on my side?” He began his new campaign by turning an entire village into his vampiric servants. He ruled them for a number of years. He really liked being in control. He set up his own Seven Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses whom would act as his generals. His plan was to use them to organise his future worldwide empire. Domi felt that he'd gain more power with beasts on his side so he created an army of werewolves and made the pack leader his seventh general.

Over time some of the Tyrant Lords betrayed him and were killed. Then came the great Exodus War. Most of Domi's army was killed. A third (including his most loyal General) was trapped in the Dark Place. Domi, too, was trapped for a time but managed to escape.

Over the last couple hundred years he has began to reestablish his Tyrant Lords. He has cherry picked madmen, phantoms, beasts and monsters whom have proven their loyalty. He promised them power and the award of ruling the world under him. They are to help him achieve his goals as his top generals. In the early part of the twenty-first century, the Tyrant Lords consist of...

Picture of Lon Chaney as Eric from the Phantom of the Opera by Universal Studios.

Erik: The mysterious Phantom of the Paris Opera House. He runs the main operations under Domi. He is the Head General, coordinates all creature movements, acts as liaison for the various intelligent creatures that work with Domi’s forces, like the amphibious Piranhani from the black lagoons of South America. Eric also serve as chief architect. It is unknown at this time why he serves, what happened to his true love Christine, or how he gained immortality. Eric revels in getting revenge on people for how they treat their misshapen kind.  He has a mean streak and often goes too far.
Picture of Boris Karloff as the Mummy from Universal Studios. This is as close a repisentation of Kamenwati as I have.

Kamenwati: Ancient Egyptian scientist/sorcerer. Head sorcerer in Dom’s army. Brought back to life by a curse and serves as head of all dark sorcerers and witches. Created his own mummy horde. Also in charge of the skeleton and zombie armies.

Picture of Claude Rains friom Universal Studios The Invisible Man.

Charles Griffin: Mortal scientist who went insane after creating and using his invisibility serum. Master of his Invisible Spy Army.  Chief inventor and scientist. Perfected a way to mask vampires and werewolves scent, turning them “invisible” or untraceable so they can get the drop on Annabelle and her coven.  Crazed scientist, in charge of torture and experiments. Performs experiments, creates new breeds like a vampire/werewolf mix and a sasquatch / vampire and werewolf / sasquatch mixes, etc. The source of his immortality is so far unknown.
Picture of Hyde as close as I imagine him by unkonwn artist (Snalfnido?). If anyone knows the artist's name, please let me know.
Edward Hyde: Dark half of mortal Henry Jekyll. Domi’s greatest enforcer. Acts as chief bounty hunter. Brings in whomever Domi wants. The source of his immortality is unknown.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Blood Reaper: Werewolf, Alpha wolf pack leader of all of Domi’s wolf packs. In charge of other werebeasts. Vicious and cruel.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Headless Horseman: The specter of a man killed in battle in 1776 in the American Colonies. Kamenwati brought him back as a wrath who loves to hurt others for Master Domi. Head knight in Dominic’s army.

Picture origin unkown. If anyone knows, please let me know.  

Usha: (the Dark Princess/ Dracula’s “daughter”) Child vampire. In charge of the dark vampire legion. Cruel, ruthless and conniving. This spot was saved for Sebastian Scarcliff until he betrayed Dominic during the Civil War. Usha has fought hard to earn it.


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