Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Here is a preview of something I'm currently working on, Book Two in the Annabelle series. It's called DARK CHANGES (formally called Dark Trials).

Remember, this is from the rough draft so it does not reflect the final product. Anyway, sit back and enjoy...


Night Children: Dark Changes
Chapter Seventeen: Chester

Annabelle realized two things at that moment.  She realized she and Thomas had it wrong.  There wasn’t just one vampire in town, or even one group.  There must’ve been more.  Some of them were children, just like her.  Before she could reflect on this her acute senses noticed the other thing.

Another vampire was in the alley now.  The shadows started to shift, revealing the creature.  Annabelle couldn’t tell if it was the same shadow creature as before or a different one.

Chester the ghoul apparently didn’t serve this particular vampire because he screamed, “No!  The Destitute!” 

“Chester, don’t leave.  I still have questions.”  She didn’t follow as he stumbled through the darkness and into the street where the alley let out.  She let him go.  Time to get answers from this creature once and for all.

“All right.  Tell me, who you are.  Chester called you the Destitute.  Is that your name?  Are there more of you?”

If any humans walked into the alley, Annabelle figured they’d be treated to an interesting sight; a little girl in curls, facing a formless creature of nightmares without appearing the least bit scared.  The truth was Annabelle could feel her legs tremor with fear.  She couldn’t let the Destitute realize it.  There was too much at stake.

It just regarded her.  No answers were forthcoming.

“Fine.  Then lead me to your home.  I want to learn about you.”  The creature still remained motionless.

“I’ve come to London to find my brother.  He looks thirteen and he’s a vampire like me.  He’s with a man named Reginald Worthing.  Another vampire.  Have you heard of him?  Have you seen them?”  Still no answer.

“You’ve got to answer me.  Say something.  Anything,” she began to plead, “Please.  Have you seen or heard of them?  Are there more of you?”

As if in answer to her last question, other shadows formed to become another creature.  She knew it was a vampire, but that was all.  It looked exactly the same as the other.

“There are more of you.  Now answer my other question.  Have you seen my brother?”

The Destitute looked at each other, then started to shift back towards the shadows.  Annabelle moved with superhuman speed towards the creatures but in a blink of an eye they were gone, melted away.  She tried to listen for the creatures’ escape but they made no sound.

She yelled to the empty air, “No!” 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Isaac


I have no idea who did this pic. It's a standard werewolf pic from the web. No picture of Isaac exists at this time. Hopefully that will change someday. If anyone knows who did this picture, please let me know. This comes closest to Isaac, except the tongue is too long.

Physical characteristics:
Isaac can turn into half man half wolf shape as well as full wolf shape. In his half form he is seven feet tall, muscular and big. He has a snout and extended jaw as well at the pointed ears of a wolf. His legs are shaped similar to wolves and his feet are large paws while his hands are human shape with sharp claws. He has a red 'D' shape scar on his left breast. His fur is black and very shaggy. He has black hair and eyes in his human form and amber eyes in werewolf form. After the human boy called Thomas shot him, he is missing a shoulder.

He is a bully. He treats his younger brother Cam badly. He always fights the werewolf Clancy for control of Dominic's personal werewolf pack. Angry and resentful after Thomas wounded him. Thirsts for revenge.

Isaac has the standard werewolf abilities. He can transform into a half-wolf half-human form or all wolf form. In both forms he's stronger, faster and has better agility and enhanced senses. He can access his enhanced abilities and sharp nails and teeth even in human form. As an Alpha Wolf, he's immortal. He seems to age slowly, perhaps a year per one-hundred human years.

Known History:
Little is known of Isaac and Cam's life before they became werewolves. The werewolf Clancy bit both of them and brought the brothers to Dominic, the vampire lord.  Isaac turned jealous of Clancy's status as pack leader of Dominic's personal guard and got into many a scuffle over control. In the latter part of the 1600's, the pack was sent to capture vampire children Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Their mortal friend Thomas wounded Isaac with silver shot, blasting away the werewolf's shoulder. Isaac would have died but Cam rescued him. Isaac saw it as a sign of weakness and punished Cam for decades after. Isaac resented Cam for the rest of his life afterward and abused his brother even more fiercely. Isaac made it his personal vendetta to kill Thomas for his injury. We know from other stores that Isaac met an early death that his younger brother blames Roland for. This is a story yet to be told.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Picture Sharing Time

More Holloween pictures! If you reconize who did these pictures, please let my know.