Tuesday, February 04, 2014

A tribute to my dear friend: Kirby

My friend,

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. I don't know exactly how old you were. I know you were old, and tired, and blind. You might have been in a great deal of pain, but if you were, you never said anything. It was never your way.

No. Your way was obedience,acceptance, loyalty and love.

You turned blind. You were tired and I don't know how much farther you could handle life. "Life". It wasn't as good as it could have been for you in these last months. I know it was getting harder. And it would've gotten worse.

That's why we let you go today. That's why you left us to go to a world of peace and joy. A world of sight and love. But we can't follow you there. And we miss you. I miss you.

After Sophie was killed we searched for someone to love. We found you and you gave us more love than we imagined we could ever have. When we brought in Coco you jumped right in and trained her. Now she is the best alpha and so very loyal. A trait she learned from you, my friend.

You have been at our side and we will never, ever forget you.

Good bye my friend.

Monday, February 03, 2014


Sorry for the flare. This video could use a lot of improvement. Also, I should have credited Danny Elfman and his Edward Scissorhands score.

But this is my second try at introducing my channel. I'll keep at it.

I have a YouTube channel!

I have a YouTube channel! Two of my children cheated their own channel. They call it the ButterboyDiamondgirl channel. Inspired by them, I tweaked mine. I'm still improving it but here is the link...


I call myself "Museslave" because I'm a slave to my muse. I'll be posting random vlogs of my day-to-day life, action figure reviews, and (most important) info on my writing. I'll even read from my book as well.

So watch this space for more videos.

Also, I'll still put up blog entrees when I can.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Quick Update!

Things are continuing on in my world. I was laid off last October and I've been job hunting ever since. Also I created a YouTube channel. More on that in another blog entry.

I've been writing but not as much as I should. This is something I'm taking steps to fix.

More to come!