Saturday, August 02, 2008

Caption the Pic… Donna Troy; Grave Robber!

Thanks for all the well wishes last week. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not an on-coming train. Almost finished fixing my girls’ room and the bathroom, then we’ll finish my son’s room. Hopefully another week and our basement will be back!

Good news is I finished my Fin Fang Foom build a figure! This means quite a bit for the Parodyverse because “Finny” is one of their regular characters. Imagine the captions. If only I had a Visionary.
Of course Finny’s not just a star of fan-fan fiction (no that wasn’t a typo, Buzzers. It’s a Parodyverse thing). He’s a major and massive Marvel villain.
The regular hero captions are writing themselves!
*Rubs hands expectantly*

Anyway, CTP is back. Last captions were by; Wheelchair Rocker, mr Articulate, Gitwer, JoeAce, Kirby, Gernot, Spackling Compound, Brain, Falconhood, Curious Lurker, L! and Manga Shoggoth.

Thanks again everyone!

Here’s the caption site.

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No obscene captions please, kids are reading.

Here's this one. Sorry it’s on my book shelf again. There are a couple more like that dispersed in the pics. I’ve moved onto better places so I’m trying to do different locations. Anyway, enjoy!