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Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Big Bad Wolves

White fear flooded through her insides.  She might be fast enough to escape but then Tom would be doomed.  She frantically glanced around for her lost weapon.  Wild dogs could smell fear and she wouldn’t give these beasts that satisfaction.

Ignoring her stark terror, Annabelle stood straight and defiant. “All right, then.  I know you can talk.  Tell me, where’s my friend and brother?” 

The large black werewolf smiled an evil toothy grin.  “Child, you’re in no position to make demands from us.” 

“I’ll be the judge of that, you smelly dog.”  She said it forcefully, bearing her small fangs and glaring at their amber eyes.  “Now tell me, where is my brother?” 

The two werewolves gave an ugly laugh as they circled her.  The red one growled and then said, “Let me repay her for her scratches, Isaac.  She’s just a pup.  I could kill her easy.” 

“No Cam,” Isaac barked back.  “The Master wants her in one piece.  Now, little girl, it’s time to give up.” 

“To mangy flea-ridden dogs like you?  No thank you.  I have better things to do, like finding my big brother.  Isn’t there a bone you can bury?” 

Isaac’s toothy snout somehow sneered. “We’ll play with your pet human’s bones after we chew on you a bit.  As for your brother and that other tasty human you play with, Fenroth has them.  He’ll take Roland to the Master, like we plan to do with you.  The human child will simply become food.” 

Isaac was seven feet tall.  Cam looked to be six feet.  Both easily dwarfed Annabelle.  She didn’t care.  The way their amber eyes flashed back to each other, she figured they found her amusing.  The anger built up inside her, threatening to explode.  If she lunged for one wolf’s throat, the other one could easily smash her down.

Cam stepped forward. “And after the Master is done with you we’ll get the scraps!”  He flexed his clawed fingers eagerly.

Annabelle flew up into the air as the two werewolves lunged forward to catch her.  “Sorry, no mutts allowed at the dinner table.” 

Isaac’s claws scrapped her shoe but lost his chance as Cam smashed into his midsection.  They landed in a heap.  A dangerous growl escaped Isaac.  He smacked Cam aside, the smaller werewolf’s tail tucked between his legs.  She giggled from the limb of a nearby tree. 

A group of large crows shifted uneasily in the branches.  Some eyed the werewolves with apprehension while one crow stared at her.  Its eyes filled with confidence, the bird seemed to nod towards her.

Annabelle turned to look down at her enemies.  On the outside, she acted calm and free of concern while gently swinging her legs back and forth.  She made it look like a normal evening at play, sitting on a tree limb.  On the inside, her guts churned as fear threatened to choke her.  She had no clue how to avoid the two monsters and still be able to help Eliza.

Annabelle spied her adoptive mother locked in hand to hand combat with the werewolf called Clancy before the other two jumped at her tree.  She sprang into the air in her human form and blew them a kiss. 

“My, oh, my.  What ever shall I do?  The big bad wolves are at my door.” 


For more check out Dark Birth at your local online store. Links to Dark Birth on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Birth on Amazon.

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Special Halloween Treat: Who are the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses?

Hello gentle readers and Happy Halloween! I thought I'd share some future information on the world of Annabelle. In honor of this fine holiday (my 2nd favorite!) here is a run down on who the Seven Tyrant Lords are...

the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses

Thousands of years ago the first vampire, Lilith, formed the Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses. She wanted her seven sons to rule under her. Her eldest son Alar rebelled and decided to serve God and be good.  He constantly tried to stop Lilith and her other boys from conquering the world. Betrayed, Lilith reacted as she always did, by tormenting her youngest son Domi.

Domi rebelled, and told the mortals how to kill the Lords. Four of her sons were thought to be killed and the fate of Lilith has been lost in history. It is believed that she fled to Egypt. Domi then turned the tables on the mortals and killed them. He then started his own Underground Empire. He watched people and the passing eras gave him the ability to wait calmly and plan his next step. He created his three consorts or queens.

After awhile he thought “Mortals can be powerful. How much more powerful if they were on my side?” He began his new campaign by turning an entire village into his vampiric servants. He ruled them for a number of years. He really liked being in control. He set up his own Seven Tyrant Lords of the Seven Houses whom would act as his generals. His plan was to use them to organise his future worldwide empire. Domi felt that he'd gain more power with beasts on his side so he created an army of werewolves and made the pack leader his seventh general.

Over time some of the Tyrant Lords betrayed him and were killed. Then came the great Exodus War. Most of Domi's army was killed. A third (including his most loyal General) was trapped in the Dark Place. Domi, too, was trapped for a time but managed to escape.

Over the last couple hundred years he has began to reestablish his Tyrant Lords. He has cherry picked madmen, phantoms, beasts and monsters whom have proven their loyalty. He promised them power and the award of ruling the world under him. They are to help him achieve his goals as his top generals. In the early part of the twenty-first century, the Tyrant Lords consist of...

Picture of Lon Chaney as Eric from the Phantom of the Opera by Universal Studios.

Erik: The mysterious Phantom of the Paris Opera House. He runs the main operations under Domi. He is the Head General, coordinates all creature movements, acts as liaison for the various intelligent creatures that work with Domi’s forces, like the amphibious Piranhani from the black lagoons of South America. Eric also serve as chief architect. It is unknown at this time why he serves, what happened to his true love Christine, or how he gained immortality. Eric revels in getting revenge on people for how they treat their misshapen kind.  He has a mean streak and often goes too far.
Picture of Boris Karloff as the Mummy from Universal Studios. This is as close a repisentation of Kamenwati as I have.

Kamenwati: Ancient Egyptian scientist/sorcerer. Head sorcerer in Dom’s army. Brought back to life by a curse and serves as head of all dark sorcerers and witches. Created his own mummy horde. Also in charge of the skeleton and zombie armies.

Picture of Claude Rains friom Universal Studios The Invisible Man.

Charles Griffin: Mortal scientist who went insane after creating and using his invisibility serum. Master of his Invisible Spy Army.  Chief inventor and scientist. Perfected a way to mask vampires and werewolves scent, turning them “invisible” or untraceable so they can get the drop on Annabelle and her coven.  Crazed scientist, in charge of torture and experiments. Performs experiments, creates new breeds like a vampire/werewolf mix and a sasquatch / vampire and werewolf / sasquatch mixes, etc. The source of his immortality is so far unknown.
Picture of Hyde as close as I imagine him by unkonwn artist (Snalfnido?). If anyone knows the artist's name, please let me know.
Edward Hyde: Dark half of mortal Henry Jekyll. Domi’s greatest enforcer. Acts as chief bounty hunter. Brings in whomever Domi wants. The source of his immortality is unknown.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Blood Reaper: Werewolf, Alpha wolf pack leader of all of Domi’s wolf packs. In charge of other werebeasts. Vicious and cruel.

Artist unkown. If anyone knows this artist, please let me know.
Headless Horseman: The specter of a man killed in battle in 1776 in the American Colonies. Kamenwati brought him back as a wrath who loves to hurt others for Master Domi. Head knight in Dominic’s army.

Picture origin unkown. If anyone knows, please let me know.  

Usha: (the Dark Princess/ Dracula’s “daughter”) Child vampire. In charge of the dark vampire legion. Cruel, ruthless and conniving. This spot was saved for Sebastian Scarcliff until he betrayed Dominic during the Civil War. Usha has fought hard to earn it.


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Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Blood Reaper

I have no idea who did this pic either. It's a standard werewolf pic from the web. No picture of Blood Reaper exists at this time. Hopefully that will change someday. If anyone knows who did this picture, please let me know.

Cam, Cameron, Blood Reaper

Physical characteristics:
Cam can turn into half man half wolf shape as well as full wolf shape. In his half form he is six feet tall. He is muscular and big. He has a snout and extended jaw as well at the pointed ears of a wolf. His legs are shaped similar to wolves and his feet are large paws while his hands are human shape with sharp claws. He has a red 'D' shape scar on his left breast. His fur is red and coarse. He has black hair and eyes in his human form and amber eyes in werewolf form.

After he became the Blood Reaper, Cam began to wear a purple sash over his thick fur. It marks him as the leader of Dominic’s wolf pack. The gold D embroidered on his sash is a symbol of his rank as one of the Seven Tyrant Lords. Along with the sash he wears tight leather gloves, custom made to his wolf form. Each finger was incased in leather with sharp silver claws fashioned onto the outside of the glove. The glove protects him, preventing the deadly silver from touching his skin where it could weaken or even kill him.

At first Cam was passive. He'd always let his big brother Isaac tease and bully him. After his brother's death he became angry, vengeful and a stronger leader. He has a habit of flexing his fingers. At first it was a sign of his nerves but later he does it out of a thirst for violence.

Abilities: Cam has the standard werewolf abilities. He can transform into a half-wolf half-human form or all wolf form. In both forms he's stronger, faster and has better agility and enhanced senses. He can access his enhanced abilities and sharp nails and teeth even in human form. As an Alpha Wolf, he's immortal. He seems to age slowly, perhaps a year per one-hundred human years. As Blood Reaper, he wears gloves with silver claws on his hands to hurt any mystical creature in his path, even his own pack if they step out of line.

Known History: Little is known of Isaac and Cam's life before they became werewolves. The werewolf Clancy bit both of them and brought the brothers to Dominic, the vampire lord. In the latter part of the 1600's, the pack was sent to capture vampire children Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Their mortal friend Thomas wounded Isaac with silver shot, blasting away the werewolf's shoulder. Isaac would have died but Cam rescued him. Isaac saw it as a sign of weakness and punished Cam for decades after. Isaac resented Cam for the rest of his life afterward and abused his brother even more fiercely.
Eventually Roland killed Isaac. Cam thirsts for revenge. That event changed him. He became more ruthless and vicious. He rose up in the hierarchy of Lord Dominic's personal wolf pack until he became their leader. He also has a much valued seat as one of the werebeasts.

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Picture Sharing Time

As before, if you know the artist of these pictures, please let me know.

Now for more Halloween fun!

From Bent Objects

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Neo Planet Widget sure makes me wonder

On the right side of this page a ways down you see a globe. It spins slowly, showing tiny dots where my visitors are from.

It simply amazes me to see where everyone is from. I mean I see dots from all over the US, some in states I've been to and some in states I'd LOVE to visit. New York! Salem! New Orleans! The list goes on.

I've always wanted to walk the busy streets of New York, see the Liberty Bell in Boston and visit the Smithsonian in Washington DC. Think of the research for my writing! And there is the home of my birth, California. Oh how I miss it.

Looks like Central and South America have viewers too. So cool! Whomever is that dot on the far East tip of South America? I'd love to discuss the Brazilian Rain Forest with you. I've got a monster from there. Well, it's actually from the Amazon but we could talk!

I'm even more amazed by this...

Europe! India! Africa! So many exotic places I've never been. Places I'd love to see, to discover. If only I knew the things you people know. Walk pass the things you take for granted. I am surrounded by desert, sagebrush and remains of the Old West. It's cool and all, but what would a nation with a history that stretches the ages be like?

Australia! Japan! Various dots in Asia! What an exotic world to learn and enjoy! And here I am with no much to learn for Book Three (Dark Quest) when Annabelle and Roland travel the globe in the 1750's.

It's a pleasure to entertain you. Sure, I'd wager most stop in on the way through, searching. But even that someone from the other side of the Earth is reading these words or even seeing Annabelle's story for the briefest of moments is enough to shock and amaze me.

Thank you all for visiting.