Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas & other things

Hi, oh great followers in the shadows.

We had a good Christmas. Got my wife Cd's, games, jewelry and pajamas. Dave got a castle, figures and games. Sara got a microscope, a doll and a video camera. Katie got books, a doll and the Battleship game. Laura got a comforter, a doll and an action figure. I got waves 9 & 10 of DC Universe Classics figures and some pajamas.

All in all a good Christmas. We went light looking at Thanksgiving Point Thursday night (Christmas Eve) and visited family on Christmas day. Tyson & Julie (brother-in-law & his wife/family) had us over for visiting and dinner. A good day.

Recently we had another flood. I might have posted about it. It was back in September. The sewer backed up. We've finished the repairs and returned things to "normal". After our luck, though, I'm a little wary.

We switched the playroom with our bedroom and we're still trying to get used to sleeping upstairs away from the kids after 9 years in the basement.

Dave finally got his Marvel Legends Storm. I got one too but mine reeks of tobacco. Still trying to clean it.

Janeen lost her Grandmother last week. Grandmother Reid passed away during the night. The Cancer finally won. But now she doesn't hurt. She's at peace & she went home to celebrate Christmas with her husband, children, siblings and parents. God bless and keep her.