Friday, January 26, 2007


Rant to follow.



I've put two chapters on AW for review. There is always crap I've got to fix. Yeah, I know. That's how it works. But every time I fix something and repost, there's not much change. I thought I got rid of all the tell and focused on the show, but there is painful info dumps.

Crap. It was hard to read to the kids tonight. All I saw in Chapter 29 was crap but they loved it. What the hell do they know, right? They're just kids. Everyone who's read it and liked it? Morons. Because only morons would like this tripe.

Can I say "tripe"? Has it been invented yet?

Aprilynne said I could just write stories for my family and friends, but to sell it I have to make changes.

I'm really trying to. But after a month of straight reading (twice) and fixing, I'm losing steam.

Maybe all these changes are worthless? Who the Hell are these people? But 25 rejections says somethings wrong.

I'm just so tired. Will I EVER get published?

Oh wait, I shouldn't capitalise too many words. I shouldn't use too many exclamation points either.
There. Still want to read this?
Actually, no one's reading this stupid blog so who cares?

Too much telling, info dumps, words that don't belong in that period. What the heck was I thinking?