Saturday, May 17, 2008

Finally! Twilight!

I'm looking forward for this movie.
Regarding the book:Dispite seeing things from Bella's perspective (which sometimes you just want to yell at her), the book really is good.

Plus I need to support a fellow Latter Day Saint vampire author. ;)

Mummy 3 preview, kinda fuzzy

I'm excited. I don't expect much from the film but it should still be enjoyable.

Perfect review of Iron Man from JustSomeRandomGuy

I loved the movie, but this is soooo perfect. Don't forget to wait for the surprise after the credits!

Of sleep overs and Narnians

Each kid in my house had a friend sleep over. It worked very well. Everyone got along.

We took the kids to a movie last night. Neen and I chose Prince Caspian as the annual multi-sleep over movie. Perfect choice.

The movie was very good. As I watched it I got so involved that I forgot how the book ended. That's saying something since I read the book only 2 months ago.

I don't think I ever did post about Ironman. Another great film. So far my favorite of the two (course I'm comparing apples and oranges). I should say more but I don't have a lot of time this morning. I'll just say that when Stan created Ironman back in the 60's, he must've been channeling Robert Downy Jr here in the future. He did THAT good a job.

Back to Narnia 2. I'm sure people who don't know the book might've gotten confused. Already I need to answer my in-law's questions. Course they'd get confused watching Sesame Street.
The movie threw a lot in and didn't waste time explaining things 3 times so people who can't catch plot in small dialogue and body/face actions could miss a thing or two. They altered the story and built more on Peter's messed up frame of mind. That made it easier to translate C.S. Lewis' story.

I liked it. It made me want to continue reading the Narnia books (I've read 1-4). At the moment I'm reading Fablehaven and after that I'll either read the last Twilight book by Meyer or reread HP 6 and 7.