Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Two: 1692 Witch Attack
Annabelle turned briefly toward where Thomas and Polly hid. “Tom, Polly, run home.  I won’t have you hurt in this mess.” 
“But we want to help!” 
“No, leave now.  Think of Polly’s safety, Tom.”  She only had time to lock eyes with Tom briefly, but it was enough.  The frustration on his face spoke volumes.
As her friends escaped through the trees, Annabelle turned back to the witches.  She hovered for a brief moment, ignoring her inner terror.  Her voice took on a dangerous edge.  “All right, you wanted to face us.  Here we are.” 
She flitted around Gertrude, dodging each hex blast as it lit up the dark trees with purple and red hues.
Roland smiled then sped around Penelope.  Gertrude gestured once more and sent forth a blast of eldritch energy that barely missed Annabelle. 
“Insolent child.” Gertrude said with malice.  “You think you’ll live forever.” 
Annabelle felt the air light up, like sharp needles jabbing her skin.  Her vision blurred with tears.  The blast hit Annabelle directly in the back, spinning her into the hard dirt.  She lay there, waiting for her vision to adjust.  Everything seemed to spin and her stomach threatened to give up her breakfast.
“Annabelle!”  Roland shouted.  Penelope caught him with a lucky shot and he cried out in pain. 
“There.  Do you see, Penelope?  That’s how to deal with upstarts.” 

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