Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Fifteen: How to Kill the Undead

The ground beneath them shook and a large creature broke out of the forest and ran straight for them.

Taller than eight feet, covered in matted black fur and impossibly more foul than Servo, the creature struck the barrier with incredible force.  He howled as the impact burnt his hide.

Once again, Annabelle felt the impulse to turn tail and run.  The creature seemed beyond comprehension.  It had elongated hands and feet, an ape-like face, and a dazed but malicious look in its black eyes.  She forced back her lunch of raccoon blood.

“What is that?”

“It’s a sasquatch.  That’s what the Indians call it, anyway.  The Master keeps a few in his employ for the heavy work.  It’ll smash you up really good.”  The men laughed. 

“We need to leave, Roland.”

“I want a closer look.”

“You’ll do no such thing,” a familiar, comforting voice demanded.

“Eliza!” Relief washed through Annabelle as their surrogate mother touched down behind them.  “The sasquatch are just one of many unknown species humans know nothing about.”

The creature smashed at the invisible barrier, setting off green sparks in every direction.  Servo and Beufus laughed as the creature moaned in pain.  Each time his fist connected with the energy field, Annabelle flinched.

Eliza remained calm, probably trusting the barrier to hold up. “Stronger than full size werewolves, they usually live in the north-west in peaceful tribes.  This one seems to be permanently mesmerized.”

Annabelle couldn’t help it.  With all her power, she couldn’t stop feeling like a frightened child.  She moved behind Eliza.  Even her brother, for all his curiosity, moved closer to them.

“Come.  They can’t enter.  Let’s return home.  I need to teach you more quickly than I have been.”

As she escorted the children away, the men called out terrible things.  Eliza gave no notice, but Annabelle saw tightness around her eyes.  Trouble was coming, she was sure of that.

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