Saturday, October 18, 2008


The short story was rejected so Annabelle & Roland; Terror at Fun Land will not be in the anthology. They liked Ann and her brother, but felt Roxie was rushed.

I see their point. It was too rushed. I could build on it and add more meat but I'm currently working on the novel and honestly the short with Roxie could be folding into the novels.

So I'm shelving it for the moment. I can see my current goal finishing up. I'm almost done with edits. We're on chap 24. I have six more chaps to go then this round of edits will be done. I'll then go back and do some editing in the first few chaps to make sure it reads as well as the later chaps. Once that's done it'll be submission time.

So I'm disappointed but not depressed.

Onward and upward.