Saturday, December 17, 2011

Night Children: Dark Birth - the Proof is here!

The printed proof has arrived for Dark Birth. I actually hold in my hands a copy of my 1st novel, the one that I've been blogging about since '06 and working on since '04. It's so surreal to open it and see text I've tweaked and revised for so long. Originally it was called Annabelle & Roland: The Night Children. I like the new concept of titles I'm using.

As an actual novel, Dark Birth is thicker than Dark Threats. I compared it to several books on the shelf and found it to be about the same size.

I learned from my formatting errors on the proof of Dark Threats. There are very few things wrong with the Birth proof. I'm revising Book Two's title (sigh, again) so I need to change that bit on the last page. Other than that I think it turned out great.

Next step, order copies to give away at speaking engagements/book signings and also to loan out for reviews. Meanwhile it's set up so Amazon will soon have it available to order.

It's so exciting to finally hold it in my hand!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bite of Story Thursday


Chapter Eighteen

She rushed deeper into the forest, sweat running down her brow and pooling behind her neck. Her undead body shouldn’t be having these reactions. Annabelle had no pulse yet it quickened. Terror caused her body to tremble. Her inhuman mind was demanding certain responses of her body and it was following suit.

She didn’t want to die and if this madman found her everything would be over. She wondered if all their training on how to kill vampires would be used on them. The man almost got Roland’s heart. He could have any weapon at his disposal. Deep fear rippled through her body as she continued to blur away from each arrow.

The stranger seemed to get closer by the minute. While he didn’t have her speed, he did have a certain skill with his weapon. Every time they would emerge from one set of trees, more arrows pierced the night. It took all her speed to avoid them.

He’s good, she thought, I can only stay a step ahead of him. If we keep running, he’ll get us. Where do we go? She looked through the trees and then glanced up. Annabelle leapt high into the branches while holding her brother. Once on a limb, she gently leaned him against the trunk and remained deathly quiet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Penelope Chesterfield: Bride of Domi


This is the closest I have to a pic of them.
artist:(if you know the artist, please let me know so I can credit him or her).

Elizabeth Báthory, Roxana Dawn and Penelope Chesterfield.

Their mission is to watch over Domi's interests and keep an eye on the Seven Tyrant Lords.

Penelope Chesterfield

Name origin:
Latin form of Greek Penelopeia, meaning "weaver of cunning."

Physical characteristics:
Long, straight light-brown hair. Bright brown eyes with thin eye lashes. Likes to dress in long black robes with a long flowing cape.


Typical vampire abilities:

She possesses the abilities of all vampires. This means she is faster and stronger than humans, her senses are extremely acute as are her reflexes. She can fly and can mesmerize humans. It took her a long time to learn how turn into a bat and mist.

Special abilities:
She’s an expert witch. Penelope has mastered dark magic and loves to use it on Dominic’s enemies. There are very few warlocks and witches who have become vampires. Of their limited number, Penelope is the greatest. She’d rather focus on her spells than master her vampiric abilities.

Known History:

Insane, Penelope Chesterfield lost her parents to illness in Colonial America of the late 1600s. She was found by Dominic Pratchet, whom brought her to one of his witch covens in North America because she showed a penchant for witchcraft. She became part of the coven and lived with his senior witch, Gertrude. Penelope was always more comfortable with her cats (familiars). She has a familiar named Moonlight that she hexed into a werecat.

She is obsessed with Dominic. She continuously tried to prove herself to him until he finally turned her into a vampire. Her goal is to one day be one of his queens. Eventually she proved herself and became one of his Brides. She recruited the Invisible Man.