Tuesday, November 18, 2008

novel sigh

Yes, I know the kids talk too old. I know you doubt my historical stuff (and maybe you're right).
So what do I do? Chuck it?

I've been at this for too long. Harry was ripping up the charts and I was trying. Now Edward is ripping up the charts and I'm STILL trying. Heck, Edward is from a Mormon author. A Mormon writing vampires? Wait. I thought that was me. But no. She was already finished with her story while I was still writing the rough draft.

Do I hate Twilight? Nope. I've read them. I own them. I'm catching the movie this weekend and yes, I like them. Do I resent Stephenie Meyers? Nope. We each have our time. Her time is now. In fact maybe she's opened a door for me. Maybe people will want Annabelle.

This really has nothing to do with Twilight. I'm just angry. Around every printed, handwritten red lined page is more bloody ink, telling me how this version is flawed. It wouldn't be so bad if her mark up was one of the first ten betas. But this is two years later. Two years!

Will I ever get it right?
"Not so much italics, let the reader decide what is stressed."
"Jorgantown sounds awfully Norwegian for Connecticut".
"Glorianna should have her hair up, not down. Woman never had it down in those days."
"Children wouldn't know about fairy tails because this is before the Grimm brothers."
"The Dunston kids should talk in a uneducated way. They should be dumbed down."
"The Foresights come off as rich. If they were, they would settle in the cities like rich people of the time did. Not come to start a new life."
"The first name Paige wasn't used back then. Change it."
"Dominic is too tall at 7'. No men were that tall during those times."
"The children don't talk like kids. Annabelle talks too old."
"Annabelle shouldn't be able to read. Kids cant read back then."

That's why her dad's a bookbinder! It's all there in chap 2! And the Dunstons point out that she talks funny. And the raven states Annabelle is an old soul. Now should I say she grew up fast because she helped her dad with the bookbinding?

Face it. It sucks. I suck. I get a dream and it sucks.