Friday, July 08, 2011


Big News!

I found a way! A hidden door that opens up a word of chances and choices! Yes, it’s true, Annabelle and her word will be published!

See, I discovered, while traditional publishing won’t look at vampires, online publishing will. I can publish my novels on Smashwords, the Kindle and even the Nook. Things will start out slow but that’s the norm for publishing anyway.

I’ve only wanted one thing; to get Annabelle’s story out there. I’ve discovered through my journey that I actually need to see how it ends, too. But if I can share her tale with others, all the better. Through online publishing I can do this.

This year I wrote a collection of short scenes, all tied together as a short story. I was going to take a break from Ann and focus on Myths and Multi-Mart, but the online publishing bug hit me. I wrote this new Annabelle short story, pushed it through a great critique group and now I’m just waiting for a cover from the amazing Adam Diller.

I was going to launch it mid-July but might have to hold back a bit. Regardless, it’s coming!

As for my novel, it’s been broken in half and set up for the next two online books as well. I’ve re-titled everything and I’m experiencing a rebirth of sorts as a writer.

More to come!