Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Tooele Writer’s Group

At least I think that’s what we’re calling ourselves.

I’m excited. I met with a group of writers from my home town. Some are just starting out, some are published and some are in that age long period of revisions and hopes.

We all write for ourselves. Ultimately we all feel a desire or obsession to get these ideas out of our skulls and onto paper. From that point we break into various divsions. Some of us feel satisfied with keeping our stories to ourselves. Others feel like they couldn’t dream of getting published so they don’t try. Others try for the brass ring and strive to polish their manuscripts for publication.

I’m in that last group. Regardless, an organization of writers is a very good thing. We make contacts with others, learn from one another and become better writers from the experience.

In the world of Annabelle’s push to get out into the world, it’s another rung on the ladder.