Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Birth

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Battle

Roland burst out of the scratchy foliage and leapt at his foe.  Before he could bite, Dominic kicked him back.  Instantly changing into bat, Roland flew up, spun in a circle and then zoomed at Dominic’s head.  The man slapped Roland away. 

Roland caught his bearings in mid-air and flew around a tree, past a group of crows that seemed to watch him intently.

Roland landed on Dominic’s head and began to claw him.  Dominic grabbed his neck and began to squeeze. 

“Mastering an ability doesn’t make you a master.  There is nothing you can do to stop me.”  Dominic started to shake him.

Fighting to break free, Roland switched back to his human shape.  Dominic simply moved his hand around Roland’s neck and crushed down.  Panic rushed through, followed by dizziness.  He struggled against his foe’s iron grip as the sky seemed to fill with black shapes. 


For more check out Dark Birth at your local online store. Links to Dark Birth on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Birth on Amazon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day Map Peek!

Avast, ye hearties! Since it be "Talk Like a Pirate Day", I be thinkin' that it be the best o' days to share wit you a secret map. Yes, laddies and lasses, this hear be the location of those unruly pirates, those fierce monsters of the sea. I be talking about the Bloody-Buccaneers.

Under the evil direction of Captain Reginald Worthing, the Bloody-Buccaneers sailed the Atlantic and Caribbean back in the early 1700's.  Many a sailor spoke in whispers of their blood red sails and pitch black ship as it came upon them, always within a dense fog. Only a few survived to tell the fiendish tale of these monsters. Sharp fangs, stronger and faster than any mortal man and possessing one desire; to drink the blood of their captives.

Legend tells the tale of one such vampire pirate who secretly saved souls instead of killin' them. A short lad of thirteen years, with hair as red as fire. This lad could even change shape were it necessary. Legends say it was he who brought an end to those monsters.

At any rate, me lads and lasses, here be a map of where the Bloody-Buccaneer's home island, the dreaded

Isla De Los Vampiros.


It be marked with the red lines to show ye where it be. It may appear small, on the far left of Barbadoes, but those who live there were deadly.



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spoke to High School AP English class today!

It went great!

I spoke to my daughter's Advance Placement English class at the High School. I talked about writing and my books.

At first I was nervous and I suspect it showed. I stuttered and droned on, but as I continued and the love of writing and creating came out of me, I relaxed and could be myself. I need to feel that way all the way through it and not fifteen minutes into it. I must capture the excitement and joy and spill it out to the kids. I do that after a bit but I need to do that from the beginning. I guess it's a lesson learned for next time, which in this case is the 28th of September.

Janeen (my long suffering wife) and Katelyn (my long suffering daughter) came up with the idea of raffle tickets as a way to give away a copy of Dark Threats. It worked really well. I also threw candy at them.

The kids enjoyed it. There were a few who were really interested. I found myself talking about Myths and got a few really excited. Hmm. Maybe I should epublish that as well? I suppose I could always put it up and then shop it around agents while it's on Amazon, etc.

So the 1st speaking engagement is done. On to the next!

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Guarin


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Name Origin

French form of Germanic Warin, meaning "cover, shelter."

Physical characteristics:Guarin appears young, in his twenties, and in good shape. Always seen garbed in a dark green hood and cloak with a green and blue robe. While he looks young, he is actually over seventy-five years old when Annabelle first met him in 1692. He took the Right of Ascendance some time prior which if successfully completed, grants a warlock or witch immortality.

A good, strong leader. Always willing to do what's right. He is determined to stand in the way of Lord Domi and his evil. Like his mentor, Dagda, his desire to stand up for what is right, no mater the cost, is unwavering.

Guarin practiced white magic under the teachings of the immortal warlock Dagda. His skills have been seasoned from decades of battles against Lord Domi and his many monster servants. Along with Dagda and Blandia Blackburn, Guarin created the magical barrier that protected Eliza Pratchet, Annabelle and Roland Foresight, the small English colonial settlement of Jorgantown and the Mohegan Indian village.

After Dagda's assassination by Domi, Guarin became the High Mage of the ancient Order of the White Warlocks and works from the North American division. He fought in the first Battle of Jorgantown after the barrier fell.

Despite the fact that the Coven have always acted as police to the magic world, most white warlocks and witches remain in hiding. Hunted by Domi (or Dominic’s) forces for centuries, they operate in super secret covens across the globe. No more than three in each group and always on the move, Guarin accepted new responsibilities after Dagda's death. He now has to keep the entire Order of the White Warlocks organized and hidden. He marshals their forces across the globe to constantly block Domi's attempts to take over the world. They regularly work with the prophetic Falabranwyn.

Guarin helped Blandia Blackburn to take the Right of Ascendance, a task he has been quoted as saying "was in some ways harder than fighting an army of werewolves."