Scott Bryan: Hi gentle readers. As Annabelle’s scribe, I thought it would be a neat idea to give you some brief interviews with her.

Roland: Ahem!

Scott: Sorry. I’ll also be interviewing her brother Roland as well. Ok guys, why don’t you tell us about yourselves? Annabelle, you go first.

Annabelle: Don’t roll your eyes, brother. He did ask me first.

Roland: Only because you mesmerized him.

Annabelle: I never did! He writes my stories by his own free will.

Roland: Suuuure.

Scott: Guys, can we please focus?

Annabelle: Sorry. My brother had ADD long before anyone knew what it was.

Roland: So I like to live life to the fullest instead of burring my head in books all night long. You’d think after three-hundred years my sister would give up her silly books and hunt more.

Annabelle: I hunt. Just the other night I nabbed three deer by myself.

Roland: Try a bear once in awhile. It’s a real challenge to take a grizzly down. It really tests your skills and abilities.

Annabelle: I get enough challenge with Dominic’s minions, thank you.

Scott: So Dominic is still alive? You’re first novel takes place in 1692. You mean after three-hundred years that guy is still loose?

Roland: You don’t know him.

Annabelle: Be grateful.

Roland: It’s not like we’re lying in our coffins all night long. We go on patrols and organize our allies for his next big attack. He’s older than most civilizations, commands an army of creatures and had mastered all his vampire abilities.

Annabelle: But we’ll get him. We’ve spent all our immortal lives stopping his plans. The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, both World Wars, each time he has tried to conquer, we’ve been there.

Scott: Annabelle, you look fourteen. Roland, you look sixteen. Aren’t you afraid two teenaged vampires lack the power to stop him?

Roland: We’ve stopped his plans and looked even younger. I was thirteen when I became a vampire. My sister was eleven. We did it then and we’ll do it again.

Annabelle: I think it’s fair to say we’re scared. It’s not been easy. We’ve lost so much to him. But that’s why we can’t give in to those fears. If you knew the countless humans we’ve rescued, the many children who needed our help, well to deny them aid would be wrong.

Scott: Let me get this straight. You’ve both aged? I thought vampires can’t age because their dead?

Annabelle: Adult vampires don’t age. Children vampires age overnight every hundred years. When Eliza turned us, we were pretty young.

Roland: And it sucks. You have to get used to your body all over again. Try flying as a bat when you’re body is suddenly bigger. I’m so tired of smashing into walls. And people look down on you and think you’re a kid.

Annabelle: It’s been difficult but we manage.

Scott: There are so many things I want to ask you both, but I’d better not take too much of your time. Thank you so much.

Annabelle: You’re welcome.

Roland: Not a problem. Grab me any night and we’ll chat. Someone has to set the record straight on all those stories my sister tells you.

Annabelle: I’m telling the truth.

Roland: About you maybe, but I look like a smuck.

Annabelle: You were a smuck.

Roland: Take that back!

Scott: Thank you for tuning in, readers. Watch this site for further interviews.