Friday, June 29, 2012

Farewell to a friend

I attended a friend’s viewing just now. He was a special man. I should say “is” and not “was”. I haven’t really visited him in years so I felt it best to slip in, pay my respects and slip out. His family had wonderful mementos of his life, pictures of him smiling (not hard since that’s all I ever remember him doing) , scenes of him at the Junior High as the principle and various activities he has taken part in in his life.

After looking at these captured memories, my mind flooding with so much more, I approached the front of the room.  Someone who must’ve known this great man handed me a lolly pop sucker.  I’d forgotten that he loved those. A small group was standing in front of his coffin. I assume they were discussing his life and the many that he touched. I stepped closer to the feet end of the casket to take a peek.

It wasn’t him. No, I do not mean that in the literal sense. Yes it was the right funeral and yes it was the right man, but all I saw was a shell. It felt wrong to look at the body. Sure he looked peaceful, but something was missing.

Where was the jolly giant of a man who hugged me every time he saw me? Where was the spiritual giant who taught me so much, first as a fresh faced teenaged investigator who knew nothing of the gospel, then as a hopeful young missionary-to-be who chose him as a mentor who could escort me to the temple for the first time? Where was the man of God who knew by inspiration that miles away I was experiencing deep hurt and painful self doubts on my mission, and that it must be him who should write a powerful letter of encouragement, lifting my spirits and renewing my vigor?

Where was he? Well that’s an easy answer. Anyone who knew him, truly listened to him, observed him in life, knew that answer. He was elsewhere, with passed loved ones and with the Lord and God whom he dedicated his life to.

Good by President Killpack. May we forge ahead, living our lives as you have.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday


Chapter Seventeen : The Offer

Dagda deflected another hex bolt. “I’ve lasted for hundreds of years.”  He sent streamers of fire at a sasquatch, pushing it back.  “What makes you think I can’t handle you lot?”  Dagda’s magic tendrils grabbed a nameless vampire and flung him at the charging Beufus.

“You can’t keep this up forever.  Some of us never tire.”  Gertrude shot out glowing red energy spikes but they deflected off Dagda’s shield.  Annabelle noticed a small crack in it, however, and she lurched forward. 

Despite the sweat on his brow, the warlock laughed. “You’d be surprised what I can handle.  Where’s your friend, Penelope?  Did she get tired of wasting her time following Dominic around like a love struck puppy?”

“The Master felt her special talents were of better use in a quiet little village just south from here.” Gertrude grinned as her red lightning chipped his green shield.

“Salem?  No.  Even he wouldn’t--”

“Why do you think the paranoia has gotten out of control?  The Master knows when to take advantage of foolish people.”


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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Polly Dunston


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Physical characteristics:
Polly has blond hair, usually in a ponytail. She wears simple dresses, usually plain. Most days she goes barefoot.
As an adult she owns a few nice dresses and one pair of shoes.

Sweet, kind but shy. Readily able to accept anyone, no matter their faults. Easily scared but has learned bravery thanks to the example of her best friend, Annabelle Foresight.

Polly has the normal abilities of a child and later, a full grown woman.

Known History:
Polly grew up in Jorgantown, Massachusetts. She has two older brothers, Thomas and Henry. As a child, she spent most her time with her chores. In her era (the late 1600's to early 1700's) children did not attend school. Instead they were apprentices to their parents. For Polly that meant learning how to make candles, washing clothes and other activities to keep the Dunston household running.

In 1692 she met two friends, Annabelle and Roland Foresight. Shortly after she met them, they were reported missing in the woods. Polly was broken hearted until Annabelle knocked on her two story window. Once Polly invited her friends inside, Annabelle and Roland explained that they were now vampires. At first Polly was scared but after talking to Annabelle she realized they were still her friends and would never hurt her.

This began a lifetime of friendship. Polly got married at age 17. She and her new husband Patrick began their own farm on the outskirts of Jorgantown. She kept her last name so Annabelle and Roland could always find her. Polly told her children about Annabelle, Roland and Polly's vampire brother Thomas. She swore them to secrecy. Sometime after Annabelle, Thomas and Roland left the New World, Patrick got a better opportunity for their family in Albany New York.
Generations have passed by and it hasn't always been easy, but most of Polly's descendants have always provided help and encouragement to Annabelle's family throughout the last three hundred years. 

Age Line:

Born 1683

Age 9 in 1692 (Book 1 Darth Birth)

Age 17 in 1700 Got married to Patrick.

Age 18 in 1701 when she has her first child Annabelle

Age 20 in 1703 when she has her next child Thomas

Age 22 in 1705 (In-betweens Book 2 Dark Loss)

Age 35 in 1718 (Book 2 Dark Changes)

Age 69 in 1752 (Book 3, Dark Quest) Dies of old age

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe REPOST. Annabelle Foresight


By Adam Diller

Other names: Ann, Night Child, bossy sister

Name Origin:
ANNABEL: "Beautiful grace." A compound name consisting of English Ann, "grace," and French Belle, "beautiful." Variants include Anabel, Anabella, Anabelle, Annabal, Annabelinda, Annabell, Annabella and Annabelle.

Physical characteristics:
Short. Red bushy hair. Red eyes. Small white fangs. Wears a variety of clothing but likes to wear combinations of red and black.

Age Chart:
She was turned at age 11. Every hundred years she ages one year. She actually experiences her years longer than normal humans. Vampire children remain that age emotionally and mentally, perhaps for self preservation so they do not go insane living as an adult trapped in a child body.
Annabelle, however, is more mature for her age. How she handles immortality remains to be seen.

Advancement Chart:

b. October 13th 1681 d. 1692

born a vampire 1692-
Age 11 1692-1792
Age 12 = 1792-1892
Age 13 = 1892-1992
Age 14 = 1992-Present Day

No other ages available at the moment.

She gets dreams that show the near future (but is presently in the books is unaware. When she became aware of this has yet to be shown). She has the standard vampire abilities. This means she’s faster and stronger than humans, her senses are extremely acute as are her reflexes. She can fly and turn into a bat. In later years she has shown the ability to transform into a wolf, rat and mist but how she learn these things has yet to be told. She can control humans through mesmerization and communicate with lesser beasts.

Known History:

In 1692 Annabelle Foresight moved with her family to the wilds of Massachusetts. The Vampire Lord Dominic Pratchet killed her parents and left her and her brother Roland for dead. Dominic's wife Eliza turned them into vampires, taught them the things they needed to know and became a surrogate mother to them.

As the centuries have passed, Annabelle has become a hero to many, constantly fighting Dominic's forces as a member of the Order of Righteous Vampires. She prefers to drink the blood of animals instead of humans. Annabelle is deeply concerned about the safety of mortal children.

She is determined, loyal to family, feels love for others and angry if someone hurts her family. Annabelle is outward friendly,book smart, a quick learner and sometimes acts too serious to make up for her reckless older brother. She tends to pretend to be brave and mock the bad guys.

She takes life too seriously and can be bossy. She tends to take over when she should sit back. She can often make decisions before consulting others. She's afraid deep inside if she doesn’t just take over and make it happen it will fall apart right away.

Before vampirism she loved animals and winced when they got hurt. After becoming a vampire she now sees them as something to eat. Lost touch with who she was. She has a deep fear of two men, Hawke the vampire hunter and Dominic, the vampire who killed her parents.