Friday, September 17, 2010

Tomorrow there be agents!

The Writer's Round Up is tomorrow. Writers and editors from all around will migrate to my neck of the woods to meet and share. I can't really afford to go to any of the classes or events, but I will be attending two One on One meetings with real New York literary agents.

I'm scared I'll screw it up. I'll get tounge tied or not interest them in Annabelle due to my lackluster presentation. I even had a dream that I slept late and missed the 1:15 meeting. I can't sleep pass 8 normally!

On the other hand, I know inside the same truth others know when they tell me of thier confidence in me. I know the calm peace that things will be ok.

I'm told I need to relax and simply tell them what I love. Tell them why I believe Ann can succeed. Tell them what makes Ann and Roland stand out.

I need to just talk to them like I'm talking to others. They just want interesting, compelling stories and I know this one is just that.

Granted, I expect rejection. My rose colored glasses are locked away in a dresser. And when I get that rejected I'll smile, get my edited revision from Jennifer on the 28th, read it over and revise what I will, then resubmit to others.

But it's an amazing chance and I can't help but be excited/scared.

So wish me luck!