Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Kimon


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Name Origin:
(Κίμων): Greek name, possibly meaning "sleepy."

Physical characteristics:
Every time Annabelle has seen Kimon it's been in her dreams. He appears as an old vampire with long white hair and a beard of scruffy whiskers. Every time she's seen him he's worn different clothing. He is blind.

Kimon is friendly and wise. He has a since of humor and always has a smile.

Known History:
The mysterious older vampire known as Kimon appeared to Annabelle in a dream the night her body transformed into a vampire.  He appeared again in another dream the day before she set out to rescue her brother Roland and their friend Henry. His mate is named Ethelda.

He can dream walk, appearing in others' dreams and controlling his appearance and even shape the dream according to his wishes. Sometimes the dreams show evens or objects from the future. For instance, when he appeared to Annabelle in the early 1700's, his dream was of a Hawaiian Luau and he dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, centuries before the look came into fashion.

As of this writing his identity and history is unknown. Annabelle learns more about him each time he appears in her dreams.  Every bit of advice has come in handy. Annabelle has begun to look forward to their chats.

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