Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Trials
Chapter Twelve

It took the Bloodfeast three weeks to finally approach its isle home. During that time, they would feed on the surviving Sea Wing crewmembers. Roland didn’t want to be tossed overboard so he ignored the helpless human’s desperate pleas. He avoided their desperate eyes, even though their cries for help ripped his soul apart.

Roland watched the crew unload the stolen goods onto the dock. They seemed to gaze at their Captain with a mix of fear and respect as he forcefully shouted commands.

The sounds of excited people drew him to the shore. The port looked normal. He could sense vampires nearby but it was probably the crew. He wondered what new adventures this place would bring. An unnaturally strong hand gripped onto his shoulder and spun him around. Blood-Eyed Bill glared, his dark red eyes skewered him like two hot pokers.

“It was a mistake to bring you,” his voice deep as a powerful drum, “You shouldn’t be a vampire. You’re too small. Too young. One day he won’t be able to protect you.”

Roland wanted to scratch the fool’s eyes. Prove his merit. Instead of causing a fight he might not win, he simply brushed off Bill’s hand with an equally strong push.

“Touch me again and I’ll make you Black-Eyed Bill,” he snarled. So did Bill.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Fenroth


No picture at this time. Hopefully that will change someday.

Other names: Trapper, Vampire-Trapper, Hunter, Fen

Physical characteristics:
"The imposing stranger towered over him, standing well over six feet tall. Dressed in furs from head to toe with the exception of his pants and belt, which were leather, the man looked rugged. A large fur cloak covered his ensemble.

He had a thick beard and mustache with heavy eyebrows. A large hat covered his forehead and cast a long shadow over his hairy face. His glowing red eyes stared through the shadowy night."

Clever, smart, gruff, silent, confident and careful.

He has the standard vampire abilities. This means he’s faster and stronger than humans, his senses are extremely acute as are his reflexes. However he can not fly or transform. He cannot mesmerize others either. He can communicate with animals.

His tracking skills are stronger than most vampires and werewolves. His senses are stronger and more acute, allowing him to sense other vampires, creatures, humans and animals for miles around.

He is an expert tracker with a collection of kills. He uses every trap known to man or vampire as well as many he has devised himself.

Known History:

Fenroth is a Northwestern tracker turned vampire by a mysterious Native American vampire in the early 1600s. He has two werewolves that the dark witch Gertrude trapped in werewolf form. They look like big wolves on four legs. Fenroth named them Set and Hades. Fenroth is loyal to Dominic and serves him well. Dominic put Fenroth in charge of his empire in North America. This means the trapper can create as many vampires as he wants, as long as they are loyal to Dominic first and foremost. He has two assistants, Isi the Choctaw squaw and the crazed Wildes Blut Teir.

Fenroth originally met Roland Foresight when Roland traveled through the woods of Massachusetts in order to rescue a friend. Fenroth befriended Roland in order to trap him, but Roland found out Fenroth’s plan and escaped. Fenroth captured Roland and Annabelle Foresight had to mount a rescue with their friend Thomas Dunston.

The Foresight children have dealt with Fenroth over the last three centuries in stories yet to be told.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Night Children: Dark Trials is ready for the crit group!

I belong to a local critique group. We review each other's books, give advice where needed to make the books stronger and support each other in our endeavours. Sometimes we're brutally honest. It's hard but necessary.

Dark Trials is the second book in the Night Children series. When I first wrote the rough draft for what would become Dark Birth, I actually had a great deal of Dark Trials in it too. I later broke the books in two.

A friend at work read Dark Trials and liked it. He was the only one so far. Now it's time for the group to review it. They'll read it this month and in February we'll discuss it. I expect some parts to entertain them but I know there are unknown problems throughout it. There always are things that I think are OK but I later find out it didn't quite work.

I know I'll be hating some of the things I hear but it's necessary. It's part of the journey that I need to do.