Friday, April 13, 2007

Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione

While I'm showing YouTube videos,

Here's a great tribute to Harry and Ginny, as well as Ron and Hermione.

They mispelled July, but it's still sweet.

Doctor Who Tribute

And here is a cool tribute to the Doctor.

Two greats together . . . sort of.

So cool. Doctor Who mentions Harry Potter.

Man, I can't wait till both book 7 and the airing of Season 3 of the Doctor here in the states.


I received a request for my partial and I'm in the contest!

I entered a Hook contest at Fangs Fur and Fey. Now published authors will look at the first two paragraphs of my query and post it online, with serious thoughts that can help me improve it. I got in! Can't wait to get my email stating what number I'll be.

Here’s the recent post on the Fangs Fur and Fey site.

Now, for even better news! I got a request for a partial! YES!

Now I'm going to be practical about this. It could end up being a rejection still. I must expect the rejection.

But still, getting my foot in the door is the first battle!
I hope those first four chapters hook her. I feel greatly confident about the first chapter, but the second one (Family entering the New World), second and third ones (there's a mystery in town.) and the forth one (AAIIE! There's a spooky cabin on our land at the mysterious 'witch' rumors are true!) worry me greatly.

Actually, only chapters 2-3 worry me. If I get a ton of rejections this time I'm going to condense them and rework them.

So, today is a very good day. :)

Monday, April 09, 2007


Work is so darn busy. It used to be that I could write a PV story in one setting. Now my lunch never lasts.

Guess I'd better evolve with the times and adjust my schedule.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Tired, little sore, but happy

There is an amusement park called Lagoon here in Northern Utah. We bought season passes and Saturday was the first day it opened. We've been looking forward to it all winter.

We had a good time, but man are we tired.

Happy Easter '07

It was a good one. Pretty simple. We decorated eggs last night. My wife was too sleepy (because of our first day at Lagoon) and missed out on the Easter Bunny coming and hiding eggs.

This morn.Dave woke Janeen and I up with a cold he's got. He crawled back into our bed but It was too late. The damage was done. The girls woke and that's all she wrote for sleeping in.

Everyone had fun finding their baskets and the eggs and now we're taking the day off and relaxing.

So, all in all, a good Easter.

Update, we went to a family picnic and had a good time. Then we bathed the dogs and kids.