Friday, October 26, 2012

Speaking to the class UPDATE

Today I'm speaking to Mr. Palfreyman's English classes at the Tooele High School! Getting excited!
More info to follow...

...And now how it went.  Excellent! I spoke to four English classes about my writing and the writing process.  I also had a great time catching up with a friend from the Tooele Writer's Group; Caleb Palfreyman, the teacher.

Several kids were interested in the steps to become an author. I suspect they were some future authors whom we may see in the future.

Others were interested in the story and concepts. It appears not everyone is sick of vampires, provided they are closer to the originals. Myths gained some attention as well. This further proves what I suspect: While Ann may continue quietly online, Myths will be the one to gain more attention.

So there you have it. I look forward to more speaking engagements in the future.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Night Children: Dark Threats

Chapter Eight : Present Day

Despite her better judgment, Annabelle sped towards Kelli.  Just as she stopped beside the girl, something heavy swung down from the broken ceiling and kicked her through a wall.  Pain lashed her back as plaster and brick tore her pale skin.

An eight-foot tall gorilla-like man in a tattered suit and top hat swung in front of her.  The large man had a gold D embroidered on his lapel, the symbol of his rank as Dominic’s chief enforcer and one of the Seven Tyrant Lords.  He smelled of alcohol and cheap cigars.  Mister Hyde dropped to his oversized feet and leaped towards her with a large leer plastered across his shaggy squat face.  “I jus’ don’t understand how you remain alive when you fall for the oldest trick in th’ book.”

She moved out of his path, sped behind him and ripped at his left ear.  His foul, tainted blood gushed as he let out a painful howl.  She knew he’d heal when he reverted back to Jekyll, but it was worth it.

Her skin had already healed from the earlier blow, but her clothing was torn in several places.  He was four times her size, and deadly.  She swallowed her fear.

Annabelle taunted him while speeding around his bulk.  “And I don’t understand why you still go around with that ridiculous hat.”  She dodged his massive trunk-like arms.  “It’s the twenty-first century.  You’re so out-dated.”

“I’m younger than you, brat!”  He bent down and ripped up three floorboards.  They cracked at his strength.  “If you were a proper vampire like the Master, you wouldn’t get caught like this.” 

He swung them at her, smashing the wood into a wall.  Splinters flew everywhere.  She dodged the impact but wood chips gave her new cuts.

“Oh but Edward, I am a proper vampire.”  She focused inwardly, just like Grandmother Laila taught her, and allowed her body to soften into a thick crimson mist. 

“Never call me that!”  He threw wood and brick through her form but nothing connected.  She focused on her true shape, mentally pulling her wispy body back together as the objects tried to dissipate her form.

He shouted obscenities at her with his thick, cockney accent.  “The name Hyde is feared around the world, brat.  Use it with respect.”

She laughed at him.  “I’ll call you by your first name, Edward, because bullies deserve no respect.” 


For more check out Dark Threats at your local online store. Links to Dark Threats on the web can be found on the Store Page on this blog or you could just go here, Dark Threats on Amazon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture Sharing Time

Time for more Halloween pictures! If you know the artist, please let me know.

 Who is on the Wolf Man's shoulder?

By j0sh 3000 (This one inspires my inner writer)

by John Ostrander. (This one really inspires my writing!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who's Who in the Annabelle Universe? Sybil


Here is a cool pic from online. No clue what it is or who did it. If anyone knows, please tell me so I can give credit. There is no picture at this time of Sybil or the rest of the Falabranwyn. Hopefully that will change someday.

Name Origin

English for "wise old woman".

Physical characteristics:
Sybil shares characteristics of the other Falabranwyn. She has long silky black hair and black eyes that seem to go deep into a person's soul. She has a pale completion and thin body. She stands about five and a half feet tall. She wears a cloak that seems to be made of black feathers. When in bird form she appears as a crow or raven, depending on her mood. Either way she becomes a black bird with eyes that seem almost human.

Sybil is quiet, responsible and sad. She seems to possess unknown knowledge of future events but refuses to share. She exhibits leadership qualities to other members of her shape-shifting race.

All Falabranwyn can shape-shift to appear as ravens or the larger crows. They have prophetic abilities as well, often receiving visions of future events. They don't all get the visions or dreams at once and some like Sybil get more. The Falabranwyn can blend into the shadows and not be seen when they wish. They cannot be heard, seen, smelled if they want to disappear. They have no scent at all. This is a protection against vampires discovering them. As a senior member of their race, Sybil is well trained in all theses abilities.

Not much is known about the enigmatic Sybil. Close to King Alar, the first leader of the Falabranwyn, Sybil always believed the 'Prophesy of the Younglings' that Alar gave on his deathbed after the Exodus War. Sybil was very young during the war and still remembers the Farnalla Exodus. She was tasked with watching one of evil Lord Domi's wives, Eliza Pratchet. Sybil became a friend to Eliza and warned her of many things. After the Foresight family arrived in the New World, Sybil watched the children close. She and several Falabranwyn warriors flew to Annabelle and Roland's defense on multiple occasions. Annabelle and Roland spotted Sybil leaving Eliza's cabin right before they rescued Blandia Blackburn from the Salem Trials and before the first Battle of Jorgantown. She has begin training Aisling, a fledgling Falabranwyn.


Spooktacular Giveaway Hop

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Monday, October 22, 2012

How did the last book signing go?

It was on October 12th and it was fair. I was at Starry Night Book's booth at the Benson Grist Mill Pumpkin Walk. Trouble is it rained heavily and the crowds just wasn't there. There was a couple sales over the weekend though.

Here's to next time!