Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bite of Story Thursday

Once again, this Bite of Story Thursday will show something I'm currently working on. Keep in mind, any preview bits like this is due for changes upon future reviews.

This week we're previewing Myths!


Eli eyed the large mouth that resembled a beak but with pointy fangs as big as a full grown human male.  It snapped open, ready for its next meal. 

Two thick tentacles lashed outward.  Before he realized it, Eli and Celeste were caught.  The creature lifted them upward into the air and Eli’s stomach threatened to give up his breakfast.

The smell of rotten fish forced Eli’s gag reflex.  “What is this thing?”  Luckily the creature had him by the waist.  His arms were free to pull an arrow and aim it further up the monster’s tentacle.

Celeste breathed inward, obviously trying to remain calm.  She closed her eyes and replied, “It’s a Kraken.  They’re native to the Atlantiatic Ocean.  We must be in their hunting grounds.”

“Well this one picked the wrong prey,” Lyndi growled before she ripped the tentacle holding her in two. 

The beast screamed in pain, its various legs lashed out.  The ones holding Eli and Celeste tightened, causing them both to moan.

Eli complained, “Did you have to hurt it while the thing was holding us?”