Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wiblik's BLOG!

A long time ago at a college far away in the land of sheep, I met my very good friend, Willard. We've been through a lot in the fourteen years we've known each other.
He's a great guy who is in the process of writing a novel.

I gave him the net name "Wiblik".

He's started his own blog.

Please support him and check it out here...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Darren Shan!

Darren Shan is the author of the popular fantasy/Young Adult books called Cirque Du Freak. My teacher Friend Jeff suggested I read his copies so I did. I like them.
Last night I sent an email to Darren Shan after visiting his site again. I told him about how his is inspiring me as well as how great it is that he gets kids to read (something Jeff and I are both very thankful for). I told him of my plans to be an author of vampire tales for children, too.

Here is his site.

This morning I received a reply! He told me "Best of luck"! That gets me even more pumped up!

Thought I'd share. :)

I give up.

OK. I give up.

Back in the summer, during the big push to get the novel finished, I started listening to me vampire mp3s.
For those who don't know, mp3 are music files. They are more compressed and you can fit over a hundred on a CD.
So after a while of listening to that September came along and being a Halloween buff, I switched to my Halloween mp3s. I listened to that for two months and recently I tried my hand at my normal music.
Well one of the local radio stations has switched to Christmas music. I tried to resist it's pull but with the kids singing it and my love for that holiday, I cant resist anymore.
So I'm listening to all my Christmas music.
I know there are a lot of Scrooges out there, but I'm not one of them.

What? Did you think this post was about quiting the novel? Are you insane? I couldn't if I tried. And I wouldn't want to anyway.

New Spidey 3 trailer!


Yes, I know I might be over excited but I just saw the new trailer for Spider-man 3.
OH this is going to rock!

A big shout out to for showing this.

May 4th!

MAN I can't wait!

Roland's true love has a name!

I finally have a great name for one of my characters! It's someone who will become very important to Roland later in the series. A big THANK YOU to Dani for helping me. The name I had chosen wasn't quite right and she's really good with names.
So thanks Dani!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Salutations from a vampire muse

Hello gentle beings,

As you can plainly see by the hour, it is late into the morning. I, being a child of night, simply cannot sleep. It must have been the raccoon I had last night. I wonder what he ate?

No matter, the point of this “post” is for me to introduce myself. I thought I should use my scribe’s forum to inform others of my existence. A couple years ago an event brought to my mind the need to tell my life story so I found this mortal and watched him. He seemed the right sort so I impressed upon him the desire to write my tale.

All I will say here is that my name is Annabelle Foresight. I was born the thirteenth of October in the year Sixteen-hundred and Seventy-Seven. Yes, I’m over three hundred years old.
I look ten, however because when I truly was ten a man, no, a creature of ancient evil killed my parents and left my older brother and myself in the woods to be slaughtered by wolves. A wonderfully sweet woman named Eliza rescued us. We would have died but she gave us the dark curse of vampirism.
For three hundred years we’ve roamed the Earth. I have seen much in that time. It is my fondest wish that those stories be told.

Well, that is enough from me. I’m very tired and so I’m going to try and crawl back into my coffin and sleep. It’s a good thing we have those thick curtains or I would not be able to operate this computer thing so late in the morning.

Good day.

Annabelle Foresight
Vampire muse

Scan Day

Sucking on a watermelon JollyRancher and just sittin' here, stalling. I suppose I'd better get to work.

It's HAPPY-FUN-SCAN-DAY! As a CAD drafter, I normally enjoy a lazy job of sitting on my tush, drafting plans while jamming to music all day. Today is Thursday so that means it's the day where I go into the archive room and run lots of big hand drawn plans through the scanner so they are archived as gifs. That means being on my feet all day. I know, I know, wa-wa-wa. It's nothing compared to the real hard work the working guys have to do everyday.
Actually, I like it. I get to jam to music and do this task. It's a break from the same thing and more story ideas come to my mind.
Guess I'd better get started.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Book Fair Musings

Well, a busy day but a ok one!
It was Parent/teacher conference night. The kids are doing better. L is improving by leaps and bounds! I'm very proud of her! K is above her level. She's my little Hermonie. S is doing great too! Need to stamp out that spelling bug but otherwise not too bad. D is doing well but needs some special care. That's expected, considering his age.

It's early November and the sun goes down a great deal earlier. Walking to the car across the school parking lot at night stuck a cord for me. I see a school of monster children. Annabelle would HAVE to be a teacher. She wouldn't want it any other way. I'm not talking books devoted to it or anything, but sometime in books 10-13, in the modern era, I'll have to put the school in.

The school is doing a book fair. Man, that's what "she" wants! I feel it in my bones. The novel HAS to be in book fairs, libraries, schools... everywhere! I looked over the many YA fantasy books available to inspire children and entertain them. So many caught my eye. I could just about see it there. I mean, I could imagine what it would be like to have Annabelle & Roland among those books, getting picked up by little fingers.
"Mommy! That's Annabelle! Teacher's reading that in class! It was so cool the way Annabelle told those kidnappers to leave that boy alone! I wish *I* could stand up to Betsy Patterson like Annabelle stood up to those men!"
So close I can touch it. So far I can't. I can feel it's going to happen, but when? Who will represent? What publisher will publish? I so badly want Scholastic.

Ah well. One day.
One day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts on tomorrow


I really should go to bed earlier. Tomorrow I'll need to focus on the job more. During my break I'll need to try and get that Trickshot in the Mythlands one shot story started. I'll have no time to write PV stuff on Thursday so it would be best if I could get it farther along then just thoughts in by brain.

Besides, there is a limited amount of time for me to write Parodyverse stuff. That muse is a real strong feeling and when I stay away too long "she" starts pounding at the back of my mind.

"Go 'way. I owe my friends some Tricksho..."
"Scooooott. What of my brother? What of his travails with the vampire pirates? What of his affection for that girl pirate, Racheal? What of my constant search through London with Thomas?"
"But I'm waiting on Adrienne Rosado of PMA. She still has that weekend read. She should..."
"We both know nothing is certain except the ultimate eventuality. I shall have my desire to be published but it's the when and who that remains a mystery. You can not stall my story for too long...
... I will not allow it."
"Not those eyes again. Sigh."
"Hehehehe. Don't worry. Go back and write for them. Just do not stray too long. Others must see my tales."
"You know, you're really obsessive."
"I'm a three-hundred year old child. What did you expect?"

Huh? Oh! Sorry. I must have dozed off. Anyway, thanks for tuning in on my boring blog. I need to write... Trickshot stuff. Yeah. That's it.


(Man, I must be tired. Why is the window open?)

Adam Diller, artist extraordinare!

Adam posts at the PV (short for Parodyverse) as the hapless everyman who may or may not be fake. His potential fake man is called Visionary.

More on him later. At any rate, here is a nice close pic of Annabelle, my muse, as done by Adam. I would love to have Adam do the cover and chapter illustrations, but seeing as I'm still trying to get an agent, that idea is far far away from the table anyway.

And the guy is busy as a graphic artist for his full time job so time is very short for him.

Anyway, thanks again for this fine piece of work!

Oh, and I would not be much of a friend if I didn't give his link...

Adam Diller's Home Page! Check it out! Clicky-clicky!

Gotta catch 'em all, Avenger style!

Soon they will be mine! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Ok, I'm crazy.

See, I like action figures. Actually, I like super hero action figures, namely the DC and Marvel ones. Namely the Justice League and the Avengers.

Well, Hasbro has taken over the license to manufacture said Marvel figures. This next year we get two assortments of Marvel Legends figures.

In assortment #2 we get Yellow Jacket, She Hulk and Quicksilver.

As an Avenger collector, I've very excited about these!

Here is the link to the updated pics of said figures...

Wizard Universe dot com has given us a look.

Thanks, guys at Wizard Universe!

Now to plan the figure shuffle in my collection for these babies!

RAVING TOY MANIAC, my 3rd Fav spot on the web

The Raving Toy Maniac board. It’s a heaven for action figure collectors like myself. I go there to see what’s new and visit with my fellow Buzzers. If you’re into figures, it’s the place to be.

ABSOLUTE WRITE, my 2nd Fav spot on the web!

The Absolute Write Message Board!A place for writers, editors, agents and wanna-be writers to hang out, share info and talk about the craft. It’s an EXCELLENT site to go to if you want to try your hand at writing. They even separate the message boards by book genre!



It’s an online community where people share stories about a fictional universe. Anything can happen and usually does! Come over and write, read, reply or just lurk. We’ll entertain you. Some of the best creators frequent there!

Trickshot rules!

Trickshot aka Carl Bastion is a charicter I ripped off for the Parodyverse site I belong to. He's brash, arrogant and cocky. He's a man's man and nothing like me.
I created him by taking 1 part DC Comics Green Arrow and 1 part Marvel Comics Hawkeye, stir well and let simmer.

He can be read in action here...

The discovery of a muse

I have a goal. I want to become a professional writer. September of 2004, I was struck with a concept that would not go away. I watched a vampire movie that normally I would not have and saw a little girl vampire whom grabbed my interest. After she was killed in the movie I could not get her out of my mind. As I pondered the concept I realized it wasn’t her I was thinking of. I just didn’t know who it was.

I decided to write about a child vampire for my favorite site, the Parodyverse. When I sat down to flush out the character she appeared. No, not for real. What do you think I am? Crazy? No, in my head I could see her. I knew her as well as myself and when I wrote her she became more. She WANTED more. Posting little short stories on a site where only five people respond or see them wasn’t enough. She needs to be in schools, libraries, bookstores, everywhere! She needs to reach out to other children, frightened, scared children who need an example or at the very least a bit of entertainment to make the pain go away for a few minutes.

Sweet, gentle, smart, determined Annabelle Foresight and her adventurous, rebellious brother Roland were “born” that moment. I had to do something I had never before did. I had to push myself, whenever I could, however I could, to put these two fictional kids into a novel. I longed to be a part of their world, Annabelle’s world, and the only way to ease that longing was to write.

Two years later the novel is finished. I gave it to nine people to edit. All nine found things that needed to be fixed and I fixed them. They were friends, strangers and even two teachers of the age level this Young Adult fantasy novel is geared towards. All nine, despite some of them not being into the subject matter or being critical in nature) could not put it down.
Now it’s finished and I’m in search of an agent to represent it to the publishing world. I know this will happen. Annabelle wants to get out there into the world and she will. It’s only a matter of time.


Monday, November 06, 2006

First blog!

Hey! I've started this thing and like normal, I just have no time to do it justice. But it has begun!

Expect more soon.