Here are some pics I've created or collected of Annabelle and Roland. I use these so I'll have something to focus on when I think of thier stories.


Annabelle Foresight by Adam Diller.

Roland Foresight by Adam Diller.
A scene from NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK BIRTH also by Adam Diller.
 Annabelle and Roland hunting, by Ian Watson.
I created this one on Meez. It should be noted this is NOT what Roland looks like.

For some reason Roland has dyed his hair. By Ian Watson
 Annabelle after a snack, by Ian Watson

 Annabelle as done on Meez.
Annabelle and Roland on Meez.


 Here is my original concept for the cover of Night Children Book 1, drawn by me.

This is Ann, telling me her story while I try to catch up. By me.

Annabelle, upset that I have to make a change in her book, by me.

Annabelle and Roland, circa 1975


The covers I imagine for DARK BIRTH and DARK TRIALS. They're in pencil so they are really light. I plan to ink it, then repost.

As you can see, I'm more of a cartoonist. At any rate, more pictures will arrive as I get them.
There are other pics of them but they were created using pics of celebrities, tweeked to look like them. I won’t put them here because I don’t want to violate any copyrights.