Friday, June 08, 2012

Multi-Mart is coming along

"Wait," you say. "I thought he was working on Myths?"

Well true, I was. And I will be again. But for a while I'd have a lot of false starts on the project. Sure, I feel the tale and want to tell it, but something was blocking me from getting fully motivated.

So last week I decided to reread the beginning work I had on Multi-Mart. I found myself editing what I had done and then plowing through with more stuff. I'm on a Multi-Mart high. I've flushed out more of the outline, created most of the cast and finished more chapters.

Blame it on the fact that I'm watching Sliders on Netflicks. Blame it on the huge desire to write this book that I've kept in check for a long time. Whatever it is, I'm back on the saddle again and it feels wonderful!

Multi-Mart is the story of Kyle Jordan, a kid who winds up at a store that sits in between all alternate universes.  The store caters to a wide variety of customers from many alternate Earths. When it gets taken over thanks to a greedy assistant manager, it's up to Kyle to find help among the many worlds.

It stars Kelli, the kid vampire from NIGHT CHILDREN: DARK THREATS, and Bril, Eli's younger brother from MYTHS. It also stars James from Tyme Travels. Together, these unlikely heroes must use their separate strengths to help liberate the Multi-Mart from the clutches of the Warlord Oskar and his chief assassin, Gerwulf.

It's a middle grade novel and fun to write. I hope it'll be just as fun to read.

I will return to Myths as well as editing Book Two of Night Children. Watch this space for further developments.