Friday, February 05, 2010

My thoughts on the JSA on Smallville


How cow!

It was amazing! With shouts out to so many classic members from the Golden Age (even Ma Hunkle!) plus some accurate costumes! We had the meeting table and so many members mentioned.

Daniel Jackson did a good job as a tough Hawkman. I hear he’s like that in the comics these days. I was glad to see they even mentioned his past lives. We also got the traditional Hawkman/ Green Arrow war.

I wondered why use Stargirl but seeing the story it makes sense.

Doctor Fate did a great job. Sure, when he walked beside Clark I got a “Dark Helmet” vibe and most the time I got a Vader vibe, but he also was Fate. I hoped the special effects would be good for him and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was slack jawed at the Star Spangled Kid’s appearance. They even had the Rocket Racer! Sandman was a nice touch too.

And Alan had his power ring and they showed Jay’s hat. Even Ted boxing. Great stuff.
Plus we had Martian Manhunter come back, wear something similar and get his powers back. They even through in a cookie reference!

Cloie gets the idea to make the JLA more of a family and we had the fact that they have no name brought up too. More visions of the red cape, more references to the future and finally a mention that Lex will someday be back.

After all of this we also got Amanda Waller, Checkmate and a mention of Suicide Squad.

Finally, what does Waller say? We’ll need all our heroes for the coming Apocalypse? Does this mean that stupid one-note Red sun Zon takes over thing or do I dare hope for Darkseid?

Excellent stuff.