Friday, July 18, 2008

Dang! Sci Fi cut it out (Turn Left spoilers)

I love alternate timelines. I've been waiting for this episode for three reasons.

1) The almost crossover that it provided, mentioning all those characters and showing all those events. Yum!

2)Seeing another fun timeline where things go wonky.

3)Because this was the sequel to that Sarah Jane episode where the Trickster said he wanted to erase the Doctor.

I loved it. I didn't care if any thing was wonky. I sat back and enjoyed it. Pretty much the same reason why I enjoyed Indiana Jones 4 and Independence Day. I just sat back and allowed myself to be entertained.

What bothered me was Sci Fi.

I know they cut things out, but I enjoy sharing it with my family. Well, Sci Fi cut out the part where Rose mentioned Torchwood. I guess they felt that since they don't air the show, they can cut any reference.

Does that mean Torchwood's parts in the next two episodes will be cut, too?

And they didn't show the preview that showed Rose, Martha, Sarah Jane, Luke, Torchwood and all the others in next weeks episode.

GRRRRR! I've been waiting three weeks to share that on my TV.

Go to the link below to see the scene.