Friday, September 29, 2017

What about your writing, Annabelle and her world?

Ok so 2016 was quite a year. That’s an understatement! 2017 has been incredible with blessings popping up all over the place! With such huge changes going on in my life, my writing has taken a back seat.

I have never given up the passion however and yes I have been dabbling with Book Three. At the 2016 Salt Lake Comic Con I made a few connections and a potential opportunity but things are not in a place where I can speak right now.

Suffice to say, YES I am still writing. I’m working on Annabelle’s adventures, writing other things I’m not at liberty to say, and marching ever forward to a hopeful future.

More details to follow!



Ok so I have neglected this blog due to life. But WOW do I have a reason!

On August 18th of 2017, this year, I married someone very special to me. She is loving, kind, fun, serious, silly, spiritual, geeky, inspired, creative, smart, passionate, respectful, intelligent and insightful.

Linda Kelly Swenson and I met online via a Latter-Day Saint Facebook page November of 2016. We instantly connected on multiple levels. Unfortunately I was a moron and rejected her offhand. After some self-discovery we reconnected and couldn’t stop.

We had our first date in March (an all-day date where we discovered just how perfect we were for each other). After lots of cross-state visits (she lived in Idaho while I live in Utah), we finally got married in our local church, surrounded by friends and family.

Expect more new to follow!