Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Edits, agents and stuff

Well, lesson learned. I tried to post this at lunch from my new cell phone but lost the post. Ah well. I'll try again someday, to post here from my cell. We'll see if I can save it in chunks or something.

Anyway, tons of news. 1st things 1st.

Wow. Jennifer was the most amazing editor. I suppose I should say IS the most amazing. She's still alive and ready to help you, fellow writers. I guess I said "was" because I'm all finished. She gave me my 3rd edits and I went through them, accepted most of her changes and made a few myself. Had to tweak some stuff that she pointed out.

So it's "finished". Next step...

The two agents I spoke with at the conference? Well they got back in touch with me. I emailed them and told them of the 3rd and final edits. One wanted a few chapters and the other wanted the entire manuscript! I'm excited, scared and curious. I'll keep in touch. This is the first time this book with these changes and this flow has ever been seen.

So there you are. My update. I'll post again as things develop.