Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Thanks - 2012

Thanksgiving? Again? Ah well, can't stop time from marching so all we can do is march with it.

This year I am thankful for Starry Night Books. I'm grateful they chose to carry my book and I'm thankful there is a place locally where people can buy it and enjoy it. I'm thankful that the book is available for people both locally and online. No, this is not a plug. As a writer I have worked for years to get it out to people and now I can.

Going to speaking engagements is always one of the best parts of being a writer. I've met so many people and seen their eager faces. Every time I'm asked where can I get these books and now I have an answer. That's something I'll always be grateful for.

Speaking for those public appearances, I'm grateful for those, too. I love to meet kids and share with them my excitement for writing and reading. I love seeing that excitement in them, too. I can't wait to do more!

I'm thankful for my family. They lift me up whenever I'm down and truly support me. We're going through some interesting and much needed important events and I'm thankful we're all together and closer for it.

I'm thankful for the web and my ability to speak to so many. I'm thankful to all those who helped my writing, including my critique group. I may not always sound like it, but your mark ups have helped immensely. I'm thankful for you guys, my silent watchers, who follow and read this blog. ;)

I'm thankful for quite a lot more. I won't go into religious things here but just know there are a great many things that only those close to me know.

And I'm thankful for turkey!

Not sure who did the pics. As always, let me know if you know.

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